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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

Fast-Withdrawal was launched some hours ago that’s why let’s grasp a moment to consider this object more attentively. At first sight fast looks rather attractive: interesting and musical design, good textual content, impressive list of support elements… Some imperfections are also visible, the most remarkable of which is to some extent overrated interest indicator. Nevertheless, the admin is familiar to us and his previous investment approach allows us to make positive predictions…

The project started on November 14, 2012

The first detail that can’t be left unnoticed is original, elaborated and pleasant to eye design. Reserved blue and green color set successfully contrasts with varicolored media-pictures. All “vitality” of the admosphere is completed and effectively emphasised with slightly hypnotizing musical insertion. After such hospitable attitude you really want to look inside and investigate offered product.

Of course, Fast-Withdrawal needs a couple of days to settle down in the industry but success inclinations – though ultimate – are already seen. The things we can observe right now are:

1) Decent, thought-out content

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2) The availability of optional (as for fasts) sections (for instance, links on TG, MMG, DTM and MMGP with project topic)

3) Placement of sections informing of the scale of monitoring division (Rating, AHM Rating), though not very full due to Fast-Withdrawal age

4) Also statistical field in the footer (Investors, Payouts, etc.) demonstrating investors/funds flow in the program + general project statistics ibid

5) Finally, non-traditionally wide (as for fast) range of contact means

Investment Plans

The project suggests a good set of investment plans with somehow inflated but working rates. When trusting the admin, it’s just drawback from work with prepared product of one design studio (that can hardly be corrected). Minimum deposit must be $10, maximum is $50 000. Some plans are postponed till Jan 2013. Principal is included to profit that is returned in the end of investment term. Use income calculator on project website to make the process of profit calculation easier.

1 day:

    min depo from $10 to $4 999 – 107% (% is net profit, 100% is principal) $5 000 – $50 000 – 130%

5 days:

    min depo from $10 to $4 999 – 140% $5 000 – $50 000 – 200%

7 days:

    min depo from $99 to $199 – 300% $200 – $50 000 – 400%
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10 days:

    min depo from $10 to $4 999 – 200% $5 000 – $50 000 – 500%

14 days:

    min depo from $10 to $4 999 – 250% $5 000 – $50 000 – 650%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from BlackLotus DDoS-protection SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Original design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: manual (during 10 hours) Affiliate program: 1.5% Feedback: legal address, contact form, live-chat (in progress), phone, fax, e-mail (English, Japan and Russian)

The conclusions

HYIP establishment causes double feeling – on the one hand, one finds it interesting to find out what will be next. On the other hand, when being direct participant of this establishment you perceive with precaution and some share of uncertainty its every stage. Of course, Fast-Withdrawal is to be further developed. On this stage the project looks a little “raw” but it is to be fixed. Hard-working admin of this creation is capable of doing more, thus, we can hope for better result based on available conditions…

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