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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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If you don’t mind, I would like to devote this evening hour to reviewing a worthwhile and multifaceted project that tempts with diversity of visual details and reachable investment plans. Hardly had it adjusted to a new medium, GlobalFinance started to cut the sea and move purposefully towards the first quay (it has 5 days left till it achieves this investment aim). None is in position to know how many grounds for joy and disappointment new program members will get, but the game promises to be exciting. Moreover, an active deposit is not a mandatory requirement of this venture…

The project started on October 9, 2013

If you take at least a quick look through the GlobalFinance content, you will be able to find not less than 5 reasons for a more detailed examination of the project. Given pieces of information in the About Us section (the company’s team offers consulting services to clients/investing in stocks), its work is conducted in the Russian investment segment. The theory is confirmed by a serious of practical pieces of evidence – the document stating the enrollment to the tax record, the project history (see History), biography of GlobalFinance collaborators (all persons are Russian natives) and, finally, office location in Ivanovo…

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Despite the fact that many visitors treat such volume of information in two language versions (Russian/English) in a quite sceptical way, one does not feel empty after reading it. Furthermore, the direction provides it participants more opportunities than traditional HYIPs do:

    a chance to become a managing trader in the company (at least 3 years of experience on financial markets are required); cooperation with the project without making active investments (getting income by using the referral system/making exchange transactions with fixed fees in a user cabinet); communication on a specialized Investors’ forum (coming soon) and in social networks (Facebook/Twitter/Vk. com).

I would like to complete the current block by considering moral and technical issues. The administrator appeared to highly appreciate human traits (you can read about them in the Philosophy block) and try working in accordance with them. Leastways, he has been coping well with his duties so far. We will talk about purely technical details a little later, and now I want to mention extra security options in a user cabinet. You can enable the button indicating IP change, set time interval after which you will be logged out and so on in security settings of your account. There seems to be nothing special in it, but when put together, these details will play their role in my delivering a final verdict. Let’s go on…

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Investment Plans

The project offers 3 investment plans with varying profits. Minimum/maximum entries are $15-$100 000. All plans are operated on business days. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment circle. Compounding (0%-100%) and deposit recharging options are available. Early deposit withdrawal is enabled. The premature withdrawal fee takes 10% (but not less than $100). If your deposit starts with $5 000, you can sign the contract with the company. You can choose few investment plans at a time. Profit calculator in your user cabinet will help count the volume of future income.

Bronze. Minimum/maximum investment limits are $15-$10 000, a daily interest rate is 1% during 10 business days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 110%.

Silver. In case you invest from $50 to $50 000, your daily return will be 1.3% per day during 25 business days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 132.5%.

Gold. Minimum/maximum entries are $100-$100 000, the volume of daily profits is 1.8% per day during 40 business days. ROI =100% of an initial deposit + 72%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server (domain till the year 2018) DDoS-protection by Ddos-Guard SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust (for 2 years) + green bar Licensed script by H-scripts Original content Unique design
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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, bank wire (RUB/USD/EUR) + currency exchange service (fees are set automatically in the Currency Exchange subsection of a user account) Withdrawal: manual (within 2 business days for EPS; up to 5-10 business days for bank wire) Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: office address, Skype, ICQ, phone, contact form, live chat

The conclusions

GlobalFinance has all chances to complete its life path in a decent way, and investors are more willing to believe in its potential as every day passes. As you could see, the project team applied many efforts to leave a visitor a minimum amount (or even no) questions in terms of future collaboration. So far everything points at the fact that the administration is ready to continue the initiated policy in an active way (there are around 30 units in the monitoring base; HYIP’s philosophy supports transparent investment services and social protection (every month some amount of company’s profits is sent to charity)). You can check vitality of set aims at plans too. Just press the Open an account button…

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