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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

GlobalInvestSystem. com was not accepted too much enthusiastically in the industry at the outset: the project with its legend about Forex trade did not sound confident enough for an experienced and sophisticated hyip investor. Though project administrator chose a correct working tactic, client-oriented investment policy, moderate improvements of workplace for investors, namely broadening of accepted currencies range and prompt payout processing, do their job. The project is moving firmly towards the end of the second month online and it seems to store a lot of pleasant surprises for an interested investor…

The project started on March 3, 2013

In spite of the fact that GlobalInvestSystem is not something outside the box for common hyip style, the project looks fine from standard viewpoint. Besides that, a great potential is laid in a project background. It is to be implemented in measured portions by an enterprising manager. The dynamics of program improvement can be easily traced in News section:

– limitations on withdrawals are canceled (March 5)

– bank wire added (March 12)

– financial project review published on HYIP Blog (March 17)

– Interkassa system added (March 24)

– deposit insurance activated (more details are provided by this link, April 10)

I also have to note the main advantages of the considered project by basic criteria:

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– in design: the predominance of concise and original motives

– by functionality: the ergonomic site with optimal set of information sections and the most popular language localizations (English/Russian)

– in terms of profitability: a hefty reward on the referral program (since we are dealing with a medium-term project) and a variety of interest rates on investment plans

– contacts and additional resources: a prompt support by sending a request via contact form and project pages on social resource (Facebook, Twitter)

– the tempo of project promotion: judging by the amount of monitors watching the program and a conservative position of the administrator in managing processes, further development of the program will be implemented in the same measured rhythm, but not without surprises

– other user conveniences: a wide range of payment options (including the newly added bank wire Interkassa systems), option of early deposit return, investment plans with hourly and daily profit crediting (details are below)…

Investment Plans

GlobalInvestSystem offers an essential range of investment opportunities for investors with various priorities. Payments are provided on calendar days. Minimum investment entry varies from $10 to $12 000. Depending on a chose plan, deposit will be returned in the end of investment period or returned daily in equal shares together with interest. Early deposit withdrawal is available (with 10% fee).

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Plan 1. Minimal deposit is $10-$12 000, the amount of daily profit is 1.2% for 30 calendar days. ROI = 136% (36% net income+100% deposit).

Plan 2. Minimal investment is $10-$12 000 with 1.4% profit per day for 60 calendar days. At the end of investment period the volume of total revenues is 184% (84% net income+100% deposit).

Plan 3. Minimal deposit is $10-$12 000, the amount of daily profit is 1.6% for 120 calendar days. ROI = 292% (192% net income). The break-even point is reached on day 63 of the investment circle.

Fixed Plan. Minimal investment is $10-$12 000 with 4% profit per day (interest+portions of deposit are credited hourly) for 30 calendar days. At the end of investment period the volume of total revenues is 120% (deposit is not returned). The break-even point is reached on day 25 of the investment circle.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from Ddos-Guard SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust Licensed GoldCoders script Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Interkassa, bank wire ($500 minimum deposit), Visa/MasterCard Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) for all plans, except Fixed one (instant) Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: contact form

The conclusions

The main project peculiarity to be outlined once again is customer-oriented policy in correspondence with today’s reality. Thus, each GlobalInvestSystem member has several opportunities: a) to choose an affordable plan from the list; b) to get a reasonable reward on referral system (5% from deposit); c) to withdraw deposit before the investment round is over (10% commission); d) to use insurance deposit option (50% or 100% deposit) on 30-day plans.

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At present the program looks rather harmonious and reputable. It has become possible thanks to investors support (in the first place) and administrator’s skills of “perceiving” the trend and making corrections to working schedule of his creation. Well, let’s hope, the administrator will justify expectations of project members, even though it will be in a short-term perspective.

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