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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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What do you think about somewhat ambiguous phrase that is talked about everywhere – “tools for making money”. I wonder what is your treatment to it?! Well, when I was examining today’s “experimental” project I suddenly recalled that very statement but there was nothing negative and theatrical about it in my case. Currently GoldRoi is that same tool for gradual capital growth…

The project started on October 10, 2012

Stability is a guarantee of success. Can we discuss GoldRoi in regard of successful object? Let’s stop for a while and think. If we look at its progress from the viewpoint of not demanding investor, the project has completed one investment circle on all plans which was unreal for a half of ex-projects. So, GoldRoi is by no means a “failure”.

On the other hand, it would be nice if present term is not fatal point for this program. Time will show.

Why do I believe GoldRoi is worth our attention (at least, at present moment)?

Of course, it doesn’t offer anything extraordinary: modest amount of investment plans, interesting, yet simple, design. Still it has all necessary attributes of traditional HYIPs:

    general statistics on home page list of monitors in the project in Reviews section additional info on the program in question-answer form (Questions section) customer support service in its single guise (Contacts) icons of main social networks – in perspective with links on project pages payments section – Last Payouts as well as general info on investment plans on home page, details are below.
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Investment Plans

Choice of plans offered in the project is not that wide: we have 4 packages, from which 2 provide daily payouts and the other 2 – pay in the end of the term. Minimum deposit must be $10, maximum is $200 000. On daily payments plans principal is returned in the end of the period, in other cases deposit is included in profit, which is paid out in the end of investment term.

5 days (daily):

    min/max deposit from $10 to $200 000 – 5%. ROI=125%

5 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $200 000 – 150% (from which 50% is net profit)

7 days (daily):

    min/max deposit from $10 to $200 000 – 7%. ROI=149%

7 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $200 000 – 200%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from Black Lotus DDoS-protection SSL-Encryption from Thawte Licensed script from GoldCoders Original design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay Withdrawal: manual (within 12 hours) Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: contact form

The conclusions

In fact, enrollment in HYIP industry comes to the process of making deposits-expecting payouts-gaining profit. Ideally, it must be non-stop process. The exception is situations which do not depend on the admin (technical issues on server, problems with EPS services, etc.) and, meanwhile, our discussions in blogs/on forums overflowing into posts with payments reports. Currently, I can only state the fact: GoldRoi admin is working in non-fault mode. Perhaps, partly it is due to moderate investors’ activity. Anyway, while the money flows to you do not waste your time. I’d like to believe that project creator will keep on working for at least equal term.

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