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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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Hurricane-Assets is one of optimal variants for investor who is ready to risk at some stage of investment block in order to get rewarded with good amount of profit. Of course, 150-day term on suggested plans is a sufficient time frame but currently this project keeps up working on a stable basis, providing regular payouts…

The project started on January 1, 2013

In admin’s opinion, basic investment strategies in the project that produce stable, workable result are as follows:

– expert financial management;

– usage of risk management technologies;

– asset diversification;

– conservative approach to trading;

– optimism for a long-term outlook.

Though we have no chance to evaluate practical fulfillment of these strategies – as there are no statistical sections on trading on Hurricane-Assets website – factually, regularity of payouts is more important. And we do observe the latter fact.

In structure of sections and logical exposition of basic Hurricane-Assets elements the project is good-looking and harmonious. You will find supplementary means on program website aimed at optimization of working process for each investor: Calculator (for counting the volume of potential earning), Company and FAQ (for defining main aspects and nuances in HYIP’s activity) sections. Dynamics of project activity is partly reflected in News and Partners sections. For informative purpose you can find out security background of program administration in regard of investor’s funds and learn the concept of Forex trade.

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Investment Plans

Hurricane-Assets provides investors with daily interest proportional to invested amount. All plans expect Starter last for 150 trading days. Minimum investment is $10, principal is returned in the end of investment period. Compounding is available. Initial investment plan can be upgraded during investment period by the use of the compounded amount (applicable for all plans except the Starter Plan).

Starter Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to $10-$59.99, daily profit rate is 0.9% during 30 business-days. ROI=127%.

Advanced Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to $60-$999.99, daily profit rate is 1.1% during 150 business-days. ROI=265%. Break-even point is reached on business-day 91.

Professional Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to $1 000-$4 999, daily profit rate is 1.3% during 150 business-days. ROI=295%. Break-even point is reached on business-day 77.

Expert Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to $5 000-$9 999, daily profit rate is 1.7% during 150 business-days. ROI=355%. Break-even point is reached on business-day 59.

Senior Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to $10 000-$19 999, daily profit rate is 2.1% during 150 business-days. ROI=415%.

Ultimate Plan. Min/max investment varies from/to от $20 000, daily profit rate is 2.4% during 150 business-days. ROI=460%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from Black Lotus (for 4 years) DDoS-protection from BlockDos SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust Unique script Original content Exclusive design
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The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: instant/manual (within 1-6 hours) Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: e-mail, contact form

The conclusions

Neither the legend on many years of Forex experience, nor described technique of Hurricane-Assets management are something new for worldly-wise investors. Nevertheless, our indulgent attitude to such kind of descriptions allows us to try our luck in 30 to 150 days perspective without gangs of consciousness and almost no doubts. The main moments which work “for” project are unblemished reputation, good technical base, rather profitable investment offers and, finally, precise project work regulated by unique script. Now Hurricane-Assets undergoes compensation phase, so we may think over favorable perspectives of participation in this medium-term project. Good luck in your consideration and in labor, colleagues!

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