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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

Invest-Dynamic is not new to GIO, that’s why many of you have already decided on what it means for yourselves. Time passes and user capacities of the project grow, too. Up to this hour I’ve received no complaints about lack of stability in its operation. As for the visual part of the hyip, tastes differ. One thing I know for sure is that high-yield objects of this kind also have the right to exist. Maybe nothing more will be needed for investors in solving the question of self-interest…

The project started on September 21, 2013

To tell the truth, the project website looks plain, but one can find some advantages in this fact. For instance, the site is easy to navigate through. It is noticeable that a unique approach to the Invest-Dynamic program preparation was no priority for the administrator. However, author’s rights are not violated: all texts (they are sparse ones though) pass the checking on anti-plagiarism.

When it comes to other details in the back office, I’d like to emphasize that same ease and simplicity of the user menu provided by the GoldCoders script provider. We happen to deal with products of this company in the hyip sphere quite often, that’s why everyone should understand how to use the members area. All main sections for a quick access are placed in the left column. Additional opportunities are represented with advanced Security Settings (you can protect your account by setting IP change sensitivity and browser change).

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If we get back to the public website area, each concerned investor can pay attention to such standard sections as About Us (according to this page, the team operates on the Forex market), Rating (it shows the list of added monitors), FAQ (it provides the selection of questions/answers about project schedule) and News (true, within last 5 days nothing new has occurred in it). The second part of our review is devoted to benefits from participation in Invest-Dynamic and the website security level from the technical point of view. Keep reading…

Investment Plans

The project offers a standard set of investment opportunities with varying profits. Payments are provided on calendar days. Minimum/maximum amounts for participation are $10-$20 000. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment term. Everyone can count the volume of potential profits in the back office (Members Area – Make deposit – Profit – Calculate your profit).

1 day:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 105% (5% of net profit+100% of principal) $501 – $1 000 – 106% $1 001 – $ 5 000 – 108% $5 001 – $20 000 – 110%

3 days:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 116% $501 – $1 000 – 120% $1 001 – $5 000 – 125% $5 001 – $20 000 – 130%
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5 days:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 130% $501 – $1 000 – 135% $1 001 – $5 000 – 140% $5 001 – $20 000 – 145%

7 days:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 145% $501 – $1 000 – 150% $1 001 – $5 000 – 155% $5 001 – $20 000 – 160%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection by Koddos SSL-Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay Withdrawal: manual (from 1-2 hours – if a withdrawal is ordered during the working day – to 24 hours) Affiliate program: 1% Feedback: contact form

The conclusions

The current situation in the project is roughly of this kind: the administrator has been coping with regular payments to everyone who considers hyips as a source of earnings above all for the 6-th day now. Although one can gain a little money on the referral program (only 1% from affiliate’s deposits is paid), I think it is favorable for the project (it prevents a fast abundance of hyip’s accounts). Under such conditions I’d rather put accent on profitability rates of basic depositing options (105% by the most asked-for plan are a rare thing). Invest-Dynamic is really simple and unpretentious, but the administrator with his measured promotion policy (about 20 monitors are available in the base) sounds confident enough for us to consider his creation within deposit diversification frames. I hope he plans to support effective cooperation too…

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