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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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In spite of the faсt that Invest-it-safe has not finally settled down online yet, active discussions are being held. As for project itself, there are no serious remarks in its regard (at least, at present moment). Investors are concerned with admin’s (admins) personality (-ies) and his (their) approach to the project. Ambiguity always causes confusion but here another question arises “to invest or not to invest”? Within today’s review we will try to clarify the situation as far as possible…

The project started on November 19, 2012

Having postponed the adequacy of human factor, let’s consider appearance and inner Invest-it-safe content. Design is, perhaps, the first thing that catches the eye: not trite picture describing business atmosphere and containing almost incompatible colors of orange and blue textures. There is an impression that it’s not overall image but separate elements which possess appealing power and unique nature.

The second remarkable feature is originality and compactness of textual filling. Home page hosts concise project legend Invest-it-safe team is comprised of various specialists – market researchers, financial advisers and investment experts who work in coordination in order to bring result, doubled in project name – safe investments.

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In informative and statistical aspects the program doesn’t propose anything brand new: traditional, yet truly important sections are at our disposal:

    general stats – on home page more differentiated statistics – in footer (Paid Out, Top 10 Investors, Last Investors) resource reflecting the scale of monitoring arsenal – Monitors section purely informative resource on up-to-date questions – FAQ, as well as customer support center in mini-format

Investment Plans

Participation in this project is possible in case you have from $10 to $60 000 and are ready to wait from 1 to 16+ days. The set of plans allows investor to make deposit in popular and (round) sums. Principal is included to profit that is returned in the end of investment term on all plans.

1 day:

    min depo from $10 to $500 – 104% (4% is net profit, 100% is principal) $501 – $1000 – 105% $1001 – $3 000 – 106% $3 001 – $10 000 – 115%

4 days:

    min depo from $10 to $500 – 117% $501 – $1000 – 123% $1001 – $3 000 – 130% $3 001 – $10 000 – 180%

8 days:

    min depo from $10 to $500 – 140% $501 – $1000 – 150% $1001 – $3 000 – 175% $3 001 – $10 000 – 300%
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16 days:

    min depo from $10 to $250 – 200% $251 – $500 – 250% $501 – $1 000 – 300% $1 001 – $5 000 – 700%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from Staminus DDoS-protection from GeniusGuard SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Unique content Original design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 3% Feedback: contact form

The conclusions

We’ve made sure multiple times that successful activity in hyip-industry suggests passing several strategic levels: a) creation of the project suiting (as minimum) the criteria set by previous admins (in aesthetic, technical and mathematical aspects); b) elaboration of development and promotion tactics on the admin’s side; c) conducting activity towards popularizing the object on theme forums and blogs; d) enrollment of optional elements. Invest-it-safe in this regard appears to be in progress of its development. The project itself provokes no claims. As for the admin, he will have to prove his solvency in the course of wishful deeds.

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