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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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LestrangeCompany is an experienced player within its category and by no means a novice on our blog. Despite all its virtues, it was supposed to prove its growth power on the Trial position. True, it had coped with baptism of fire long before (after the first circle ended) the administrator actually requested the upgrade to the Diamond level. Now when investors finally “tasted” all its financial and technical capacities, the direction got the incentive to reinforce powers. Check below what has been helping this HYIP to retain a stable online position for the fourth month now…

The project started on June 14, 2013

In principle, the project preparation quality did not draw any special questions even when LestrangeCompany just started to function. A harmonious, subdued visual part, a simple and compact back office, as comprehensible as possible texts…what else does one need for a normal work (moreover, if it’s height of the summer season)?! Indeed, the administrator’s readiness for a long-lasting cooperation could have covered even long investment terms. But if there is at least some breath of suspicion, it is better to insure oneself. Actually, that’s what we have done. Since our best expectations have come true (several rounds on depositing options have been completed successfully), we have all reasons to review the program in more detail.

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I would like to note that the resource has been created in accordance with the best conservative traditions: it hosts a minimum set of informative sections allowing to form one’s subjective opinion by basic criteria within five minutes. So, what are we dealing with?

    The project features an acceptable and non-trite legend narrating that LestrangeCompany is engaged into leasing of medical equipment/investments for this business (a formal certificate of incorporation on Seychelles is intended to make the site more reputable). Few main (the Investment plans section) and two additional ways of earning money (the Representatives page and the FAQ section (the point about referral system) are offered. Basic offers provide from 30% of net profits after one month; the regional representatives program gives from 8% to 10% (refer here to learn how to join it); the classical referral system brings from 5% to 10% from deposits. The LestrangeCompany site is available for international users (Ru/En versions are displayed), and it automatically means that larger amounts of input money can be accumulated in the program. A correct website functioning is supported by the GoldCoders script provider (hence standard setting of IP address/browser change in the back office) and a set of essential technical parameters (see below). A consistent approach in developing the promotion campaign is applied: about 30 monitors have been added within the whole period. The administrator is rather punctual in processing withdrawal requests (since September 19 smaller sums have been paid instantly). Also, tempting referral rates allow charging project accounts without an active interaction of outside sources. Inactive links to such key social sources as Twitter/Facebook/Google+ are available though (most likely they will be added soon).
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Investment Plans

The project offers 4 investment plans with average profits. A minimum entry is $10. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment circle. The compounding option is unavailable. Two first plans have already been tested by investors.

Beginner. Minimum/maximum investment entries are $10-$300, a daily interest rate is 1% during 30 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 130%.

Basic. In case you invest from $300 to $1 000, your daily return will be 1.5% per day during 90 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 135% + 100% of an initial deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 67 of the investment period.

Professional. Minimum/maximum deposit limits are $1 000 – $3 000, the volume of daily profits is 1.8% per day during 180 calendar days. ROI =100% of an initial deposit + 324%. The break-even point is reached on day 56 of the investment period.

VIP (for an informative purpose). If you invest from $3 000, you will receive 2.2% per day within 365 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 803%+100% of an initial deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 46 of the investment period.

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The technical part

    Dedicated Server (domain for 3 years) DDoS-protection by Ddos-Guard SSL-Encryption by GeoTrust (for 3 years) Licensed script by GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Free-Kassa, QIWI, Payeer Withdrawal: instant (if the sum is <$10)/manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: the rate varies depending on the number of referrals (up to 10 – 5%/11-30 – 6%/31-60 – 8%/over 61 – 10%) Feedback: office address, phone, e-mail, Skype, ICQ, contact form

The conclusions

As of today LestrangeCompany keeps sticking to rules predetermined in the format of business relations with investors. Having indulged in temptation with online terms and the set of available ways of earning in the project, investors are getting more willing to transfer parts of their budgets to the hyip’s account. Now the program is on its way of reaching the peak of popularity, that’s why you should not forget about risks under pressure of mass excitement. Upon current circumstances, the cooperation really promises to be comfortable and beneficial for both the administrator and hyip frequenters. All you have to do is to remind yourself at times that unexpected difficulties can occur at any moment and to invest sensibly. Good luck to you!

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