Loyalty Checks review

Where it pays to be loyal. Do you believe it sounds too unreal? In Loyalty Checks, we are assured it’s possible. If it’s so and no objections have been voiced during recent days, let’s see how much we are supposed to invest and what we can expect to receive in return…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on July 12, 2014

Each website visitor is told that even 6 bucks are a sufficient amount to start improving our finances. And then our life will become much better. In my view, there is nothing irritating while working with the site; everything is intuitively clear; no unwanted pieces of data – except a story about the so-called legal company – are available.

Well, even such a small number of visual and financial privileges can easily attract investors’ support to Loyalty Checks as they are currently being forced to count little gains from poor creations of project’s colleagues. In the end, the main aim of fast hyips is to add income to our daily routine rather than just divert with eye-pleasing solutions.

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The project is still looking for fresh investments (apparently, users are too careful when dealing with summertime programs), that’s why everyone has to profit from our participation. By the way, the first portion of income can be earned just in few minutes here. Use the share button to let all of your Facebook friends know where else profit is given out.

Investment Plans

The project offers a set of investment plans with good interest rates. Minimum/maximum entries are $6/$30 000. All plans work 7 days a week. Large buttons on the Account Overview page are intended to let a client make a deposit/reinvest/withdraw funds and cancel the withdrawal really fast. All active deposits are displayed in Your Deposits. If you need to view recent operations in your profile, visit the Transactions History section. A minimum sum to be withdrawn is $0.5.

1 day:

    if you invest from $6 to $250, you’ll get 103% (including a net return of 3%) $251 – $500 – 104% $501 – $1 000 – 106% $1 001 – $2 000 – 108% $2 001 – $5 000 – 111%

2 days (daily payouts):

    if you invest from $6 to $250, you’ll get 54% daily, 108% after 2 days (including a net profit of 8%) $251 – $500 – 55% daily, 110% after 2 days $501 – $1 000 – 57% daily, 114% after 2 days $1 001 – $2 000 – 59% daily, 118% after 2 days $2 001 – $5 000 – 62% daily, 124% after 2 days
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5 days:

    if you invest from $6 to $250, you’ll get 123% (including a net return of 23%) $251 – $500 – 128% $501 – $1 000 – 138% $1 001 – $2 000 – 148% $2 001 – $5 000 – 165%

The technical part

    Dedicated server by Black Lotus DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo Licensed script by Gold Coders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
    Withdrawal: manual (within 1-24 hours) Affiliate program: 5% from referrals’ deposits (at least one active deposit is required to participate) Feedback: office address, e-mail, phone, tickets, Facebook/Twitter

The conclusions

It must be hyip admins who benefit from summer more than others. Investors are prepared to ignore certain visual faults, if they know the project is paying. Strangely enough, Loyalty Checks has some similarities with old-time fast programs. The interest rates it offers are pretty good by present measures. It tries to show that it really works. And, actually, there is nothing to sting the manager with so far. I hope to see the same tendency will prevail within a realistic timeframe…

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