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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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LumerFinGroup was admitted to GIO virtually from the very first days of its online operation. And I rejected the conventions (about the domain), having assumed correctly that all these nuanced will be solved quite fast. In this case I am more attracted by the quality of resource assembly: the subordination of all details to the main scope of program’s supposed activities, i. e. the energy sector, the predominance of comforting blue and white tones, a balanced set of investment plans and other elements soaked through a job attitude of a hardworking administrator. All these points and other details are in the body of the review. Join now!

The project started on July 4, 2013

When entering the LumerFinGroup website, I have one popular folk saying ‘Simple yet elegant’ in my mind. It aptly emphasizes the main feature of the resource. The direction has given us the opportunity to use a minimum set of conveniences and thematic sections. So, let’s examine their content:

    Homepage – the ‘face’ of the site – includes several key media insertions and allows the visitor to form an overall positive attitude to the project’s preparation. About Us – perhaps the most meaningful section – tells a potential investor about a priori domains of program’s activities in a few subsections (energy sector, real estate, basic materials, etc.). Career Opportunities invites educated and motivated people to join the cooperation ( for doing it, you need to send LumerFinGroup administration your detailed CV in English). FAQ & Contacts: two traditional sections for HYIPs of any level provide the answers to common and personal questions concerning project’s work. External Resources – Facebook and Twitter pages are moderately popular among network users. The same thing can be said about discussion of the project on strategic forums. And one of the main LumerFinGroup components is given below…
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Investment Plans

The project offers 5 investment plans with average profitability level. Minimum/maximum entry is $10. All plans are operated on calendar days. Deposit is returned in the end of investment circle. The compounding option is available. Early deposit withdrawal is available after 25 days only in the last investment plan ‘Ultimate’ (without fees).

Start. Minimum investment starts from $10 and ends with $99.99, daily interest is 0.8% during 10 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 108%.

Advanced. Deposit limits are $100-$499.99 with 1.3% per day during 25 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 132.5%.

Professional. Minimum/maximum deposit limits are $500-$4 999.99 with 1.8% per day during 50 calendar days. ROI =100% deposit + 99%.

Expert. Deposit limits are $5 000-$9 999.99 with 2.7% per day within 120 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 324%+100% deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 38 of the investment period.

Ultimate. Minimum deposit is $10 000 with 1.6% per day during 25 calendar days. ROI =100% deposit + 40%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from CloudFare SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust Custom script Original content Unique design
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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 7.5% from affiliate’s deposits Feedback: office address, phone, skype, contact form

The conclusions

At this stage we can talk about regular payments, provided by the administration, only in the context of daily charges. At least four days should pass until the first deposits will be returned, but none worries about this fact. The administrator has managed to win investors’ favor by doing his job and involving no tricks. Considering his past appeal to long-term projects and an enviable working zeal, we may hope for his professionalism and decency once again. Everyone who is still willing to observe LumerFinGroup in the distance may not do it alone. Welcome to my monitor!

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