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You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.

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Dave Ramsey

The project was launched on September 16, 2014

I would add you must gain wise control over your money. Luckily, Mikrocredit can assist us in this task. The project has undergone a careful, profound and thorough preparation (English and Russian translations are available) before the launch. Wooh! When on the website, you don’t even know which way to look at first. And it’s only the beginning since its private area is as great as the public part, rich in tools and extra tabs for arranging your own place.

Eight sections + a quick search button occupying the resource’s top are responsible for giving all main guidelines on how the system works, which opportunities it opens (users can take a credit, make a deposit and gain referral earnings) and how creative current participants are (“Video reviews”). As the program is progressing, its manager posts updates and articles in his own blog. Before you leave that page, read through some theoretical lessons about investments. Then if you check the footer, you will still face the same sections along with a few new ones, telling about a credit rating, regular reviews and FAQ.

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Let’s have a short rest and continue:

As soon as you register your account, you have a chance to personalize your personal cabinet (add your photo, links to your social accounts (later on you can use them while signing in), your phone number (one of must-haves)). After that enter payment details and invest money:

You are encouraged to double a deposit right away by reinvesting accruals. The right side shows latest reviews and recently added articles whereas the left one contains buttons you press to increase your credit rating, post your note in the blog, etc. We’ve seen enough. Now grab $10+ to test how the program actually operates. Have a try and you’ll be given many occasions to show excitement.

Investment Plans

The project offers only one investment plan. Minimum/maximum entries are $10/$50 000. One investment round lasts for 30 days. Payments are sent 3 times, each 10 days. You can see the timer (CP) showing how much time has left before the next payout of 50% is made. In that way, it will take you 20 days to regain your principle (100%) and 10 more days to earn a net profit of 50%. To earn more, you can use the reinvestment option. Visualize your calculation of possible income with the help of the calculator from the front page:

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Wait! Hurry up to sign up till October 1 to get a $100 bonus added to your account. You can actually withdraw it as soon as you collect 1000 scores of a credit rating (go to this page to learn the rules). At first, you will see a snowflake near the sum (in the withdrawals section), meaning it is still frozen. After you get all necessary credit points, you will be able to withdraw or reinvest it:

The page devoted to earnings says a new tariff plan is to be launched soon. Subscribe using your e-mail here to be among first users to discover it.

By the way, if you are lacking money, send a request at Mikrocredit to receive a microloan. Deposits made by other investors are involved in giving credits with the rate of 3.5%. For instance:

You will know within 24 hours after signing it whether or not you are given this loan. The amount is sent to electronic wallets or handled in cash by a delivery man. Follow these tips to borrow money on comfier conditions.

The technical part

    Dedicated server by Black Lotus DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo Custom-made script Unique content Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, Payeer (50 depositing methods)
    Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 15%-3%-2%-1%-1% from first referrals’ deposits (5 levels); 1%-1%-1%-1%-1% from all next deposits (5 levels) Feedback: office address, e-mail, phones (for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), Skype, contact form (envelope in the footer), tickets (CP), share panel, VKontakte, YouTube, Twitter, OK
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The conclusions

Mikrocredit has surrounded investors from all sides, and the game held by the administrator is becoming more absorbing as days speed by. You can see the project doing slow yet confident steps in the hyip field. That’s why users make only one conclusion, stating they can’t miss the opportunity. Over just 9 days online so many things have been done to let the resource prosper. It’s really important that the person running it is reasonable and experienced. Look around, make up your mind! It’s getting hot here…

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