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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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Money-trend is a high-quality product from Russian developers. Excellent preparation and skills of admin to handle devices of this type are obvious. The project offers 26% of income in 3 weeks; given the existing data base, I am willing to entrust him with money for a longer period of time. HYIP started a week ago which is one of the favorable conditions that determine some guarantees of your profit in the coming months. I am pleased to put this project into the same line with other qualitative and promising programs on my monitor. To find out my reasons for such solution, read the continuation below.

The project started on March 22, 2012

Money-trend. net is online project created in 2012 on the base of private investment fund to attract private investors. According to legend, the project team is engaged in investing in long-term and medium-term projects in real estate, industry and venture investments. This is the first of two directions, the second one is work on the world famous Betfair betting exchange. You can find here more details about it. In support of such component of the legend, the admins add their reports, with daily updates. Although this whole story sounds rather credibly, mind that it may be not true, as well as in other 99% of cases. The remarkable thing is that the website is available in two languages – English and Russian; the content is 100% unique. Nobody attempted to hide the fact that the initiator of this project is our fellow. This approach, combined with a responsible attitude to the organization of the whole project is captivating to some extent. The program itself is organized in an exclusive manner – it is based on individually developed script and unique design, plus technical facilities enhance the reliability to this project. The domain and security data certificate are purchased for several years. On the left we can see the unusually designed news feed with the latest updates; in Video Help section you will find all necessary instructions concerning registration in the project, making deposits and withdrawals. Recently, Money-trend private forum started to function, represented in 2 mentioned above languages. At the moment, three dozen monitors observe the project, the admin starts smooth and consistent promotion, attracting investors by compact profitable plans and qualitative entry of the project…

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Investment Plans

Money-trend provides us with four versatile options for investment. But firstly I would like to draw your attention to the details. All crediting is made by calendar days, the deposit is returned on all plans; by Trust plan you can withdraw investments at any time after 25 days. Pay attention to the code card, sent to you in the first registration letter. These data will be needed later for the withdrawal. Such card is a rare case and a clear proof of care about the clients and, in particular, about safety of their money. In the cabinet you will find built-in e-currency exchanger; internal transfers between participants of the project are also available. The noticeable fact is that you can contact the administrator directly from your account and ask him any questions.

Investments in Private Fund:

Start. Allows quick start with $ 10 (maximum here is $ 100). By this plan you expect 1.2% return per day within 22 days. Profit under such conditions will be 26.4%; the deposits, as it was earlier mentioned, are returned.

Middle. For those wishing to invest more than $100, it is worth trying the average option: minimum deposit is $ 50 – $8000, daily rate is 1.75%, investment term takes 35 days. In this case you get 61.25% of net profit. Sounds okay, doesn’t it?

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Unicum. For those who can invest over $ 1500. They will get 2.4% of daily profit. The term is 65 days. Promised income is 156% + the return of your deposit.

Investments in Betfair:

Trust. The minimum deposit here is $ 500-20.000. Under the terms of the plan, rely on 1.6% of profit per day, the term for investment is not limited. The main advantage and distinction of this plan is a possibility to withdraw the deposit in any of first 25 days. You can either stop at this point (having 40% of net profit) or keep your deposit up till the moment you determined.

VIP-client is also introduced in this project. VIP is the one who invests over $ 2,500. Such investors have a chance to transfer money through Webmoney or take advantage of instant payments, as well choose an individual affiliate link with a unique number. Great!

The technical part

    Dedicated server by Staminus DDoS-protection SSL-encryption from Thawte for 2 years Unique script Original content Exclusive design Domain registered for 3 years

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay, Webmoney, AlfaBank transfers through “Alpha-click” (7 days a week), BankWire Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: three levels (4% -2% -1%) Feedback: contact form, phone, live-chat (multilingual)

The conclusions

The admins did a good job. This is an established fact. Not just I but other active participants of local investment group found this project interesting. When making forecasts based on all above listed factors, everything sounds promising. In my opinion, the level of performance and competence of the administrator are appropriate. But this is only a theory. How it’s going to be in practice remains to be seen. I do not ask you to take the instant decision, however, I highly recommend you to pay attention to this still ‘warm’ representative. Diversify and earn with competence!

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