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Binary options condescended to simple people not long ago, and I used that moment to go over them point by point on GIO. Still, this financial tool preserves a sort of intrigue, remains not fully tested and unpredictable. It’s an easy and clearly understandable trick to hook the idea of dealing with it in a hyip. But look how much use shows up. NewLine Trade Ltd admin, apparently, knows how to prove an investor that the game is worth the candle with minimum efforts…

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  • The conclusions

The project started on November 11, 2013

…And how to tread an unforgettable folk path to his creation because, in fact, apart from well-compiled texts in Russian/English languages (How do binary options work?, Used tools) and an introductory video presentation, you can find no other general peculiarities. Instead NLT direction focused on a different strategy – working, efficient, and long-lasting.

Actually, an investor is supposed to make an uneasy choice: either to invest his/her capital (from $10) for an unlimited time, without a chance to ever take back his/her principal, and, by doing that, believe (not without reasons now) in promises of the ruling top or to escape the project with some experience and awareness of what clients want.

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I myself had preferred the position of a passive observer to an active one till recently, but the way of admin’s thinking and his gradual fulfillment of plans assured me in reachability of hyip prospects. Even if we deal with a person who dislikes to hurry up but finds it necessary to add the certificate of incorporation and the section of partners; even if interest is slowly accrued, his NewLine Trade Ltd seems to be firmly held in the “up to 15 profit per month” category. Diligence is the mother of success, and no other alternatives are available.

Investment Plans

The project offers 5 kinds of investment plans with gradual activation periods. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $10 to $5,000. There are no expiration dates as such. The limitless reinvestment option is available. All plans are operated on business days. When the next tariff* is activated, previous ones keep working in a normal way. No transfers from an old plan to a new one are admissible. A deposit is included to daily payouts. No deposit withdrawal function is offered. Everything you can withdraw is percents. Calculator located on the homepage (the upper bar – Profit calculator) will help you count the amount of profit.

NLT-start. Minimum investment starts with $10 and ends with $300, daily interest is 1.5% on business days. A deposit is regained on the 67th business day of the cycle (almost 3 calendar months). The tariff is active from November 11, 2013.

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NLT-1. Investment limits are $300 – $500, with 1.7% on working days. The break-even point is achievable on the 59th business day of the period (about 2.5 calendar months). The tariff is active from December 11, 2013.

NLT-2. Minimum/maximum entry limits are $500 – $1,000, with 1.9% on business days. The break-even point is achievable on the 53rd day of the period (a little more than 2 calendar months). The tariff is active from February 11, 2014.

NLT-3. Depositing limits are $1,000 – $3,000, with 2.1% on business days. A deposit is regained on the 48th business day of the cycle. The tariff will be active from May 11, 2014.

NLT-4. Minimum/maximum entry limits are $3,000 – $5,000, with 2.3% on working days. The break-even point is achievable on the 44th business day of the period. The tariff will be active from September 11, 2014.

*The administration reserves the right to make corrections in tariffs at any time.

The technical part

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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer (Bitcoin, Visa/Mastercard and others)
    Withdrawal: manual (within 72 hours/3 business days), the minimum withdrawal is $10
    Affiliate program: 3%-1% (2 levels) Feedback: legal address, e-mail, Skype (En/Ru), contact form
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The conclusions

NewLine Trade Ltd is simple enough to be understood and quite well-developed to easily give a kickback to investors without violating its welfare. The time will show how everything happens. Based on what one can see now, only one conclusion comes up – the project is capable of operating further. Try your luck only after you consider all pros and cons. It’s your turn, guys!

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