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Online poker is an all-consuming trend everywhere rather than just in the high-yield arena. It’s normal when equipment, robots replace humans as technologies get advanced. At Poker Automatics, as the legend narrates, robots are the main stake. Settings shift for us whereas the sense remains unchanged. We are in all places that pay, i. e. that’s a correct destination…

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The project was launched on August 19, 2014

One quick glance at the site creates an expected impression that you’ll have absolutely everything (or even more than needed) to make money constantly, persistently and tirelessly. Users who know this one a little better will confirm neither the first impression nor the way it looks is deceptive. The head has enough money and patience to succeed in all aspects: in supporting the program, paying by basic plans, rewarding by the referral system and encouraging by bonus positions.

Now, after 2 weeks online have been marked with lots of “thanks” for payments, Poker Automatics not only seems to be promising by also it’s such:

Switch the website to any of 3 available languages (En, Es, Ru), to make sure you’re told to earn without risks. It may be partly true because when you don’t work with your personal finances, you won’t lose a cent. Still, I really doubt whether or not the admin will return all losses to clients in the case of project’s closure as promised.

In fact, we realize that the whole point is in trying our luck. If you want to venture, see how you are supposed to behave in the system and what you have to keep in mind every time you log in. You may forget about discovering what happens in the poker room, but to satisfy your long-lasting curiosity, click here.

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The resource is really lavish in giving piles of explanations and texts, although all background info – including the set of offered plans – is stored in 2 or 3 sections. Bonuses and gifts are one of tempting options one can’t help peeping in:

    the VIP status is provided once a week and allows to get returns of representatives, avoiding the requirement of having any active deposit. To be able to become the chosen one, users have to submit the application forum, using the social pages (here). In case you try and fail, make one more effort next week as clients are not limited in the amount of attempts; free gifts in the money equivalent that are disclosed if members sign up, using the social pages (the same as in a previous case) from here.

And plans, the backbone of the project, are the most stable way of how to multiply investments…

Investment Plans

The project offers 7 investment plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $30 (0.06 BTC)/no upper limit. No compounding option is available. The actual daily rate is displayed in the “Earnings history” section. Each investor gets a certain part of this amount as stated in the list of plans. Even if robots do really bad, the admin says a guaranteed return is 0.1%. To count how much you’ll receive, use the profit calculator placed in the public site’s footer. A minimum sum to be withdrawn is $0.1 (0.001 BTC). No withdrawal fee is imposed. You can take income out anytime on business days. If you decide to deal with Bitcoin, you’ll get income in BTC. No conversion is applied.

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Once you deposit $1000, you’ll learn what the letter R secluded in a yellow star means. That’s the chance to earn more than others by the affiliate system (see below).

Let’s view an example: you’ve made a $30 deposit, which is the minimum allowed to deal with Level 1. Your share of profit is 40%. Today the manager decided it would be enough for clients to gain something from 0.77%. Your net income for September 2 is 0.308%. As soon as 30 days (1 month) pass, you are free to withdraw your main deposit.

The same principle is exploited when calculating how much participants of other plans have got:

    Level 2 (for 45 days) – the share of 50%, today’s interest rate is 0.385%; Level 3 (for 60 days) – the share of 60%, today’s interest rate is 0.462%; Level 4 (for 90 days) – the share of 65%, today’s interest rate is 0.5005%; Level 5 (for 120 days) – the share of 70%, today’s interest rate is 0.539%; Level 6 (for 150 days) – the share of 75%, today’s interest rate is 0.5775%; Level 7 (for 180 days) – the share of 80%, today’s interest rate is 0.616%.

After the registration each client is given $1000 for testing purposes. He/she can create deposits using this sum and see how profit is credited. However, this money can’t be withdrawn. It’s owned by the system.

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The technical part

    Dedicated server (domain purchased till 2019) DDoS protection by Ddos-Guard SSL encryption by Comodo (for 5 years) Licensed script by H-Scripts Unique content Custom-made design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin
    Withdrawal: manual (within 1-5 business days), in effect – faster Affiliate program*: up to 8% for regular investors; up to 15% for representatives Feedback: contact form, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, VK, YouTube, Google+

*The program offers 2 schemes for earning referral profits, by which 3 levels are available: 5%-2%-1% from income for regular referrals; 10%-3%-2% from income for representatives. In order to have a chance to consult users and gain higher returns, one needs to have a deposit of at least $1000 and sign the application form as it is asked here. The list of actual agents can be checked on this page.

The conclusions

Does being an investor at Poker Automatics mean one trusts robots? I consider it’s more likely to trust experience and figures opened for each visitor. The projects looks impressive by all parameters, and it’s not a visual deception. As everyone knows, that’s even good when the piggy bank controlled by the founder pays as much as he wants to/can pay on certain days. Slow but sure. That’s how investors earn their strictly measured returns, gaining “spice” thanks to regular actions. If you are still by the board, climb up, guys!

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