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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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A very appealing and high-quality medium-term project is in order of the day today. A lot of money and as much of efforts have been spent for fulfilling the project. The object is brand new. It gives us hope to win some money in first months of its activity (let’s think it will be not short-time activity). The details on Progressincome are further…

The project started on May 2, 2012

The first thing that catches the eye and “eats into” memory is juicy, well-done and still rather modest design. You cannot guess at once that it is made on traditional GC. The “cover” should be evaluated with huge plus. The same is about usability. The navigation on the website is easy. All necessary basic info is on the main page: types and terms of plans, accept, details of partner program, company’s newsfeed, contact means with admins and of course a passage with legend on trustful managing on the investment market. The website is filled with considerable amount of well written content, the legend itself contains 3 subsections: About us, What we do and Our goals where you will find all reasons of mutually beneficial collaboration. We all know how to treat such info in HYIP-industry but Progressincome in this regard is a kind of exception. On the website you will see the official document, The Certificate of incorporation of a private limited company, registered in 2008 in the UK. Now we a dealing will genuine document, not with a good product made in photoshop. Make sure in it here.

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Despite the fact that much attention id devoted to discussions of an affiliate program (where in small detais with the help of “Steves”, “Mikes” and “Luices” everything has been expalined), there is no active discussion of Progressincome on forums. Besides that not many monitors are working on the project which if taken with total payments and crediting can contribute to moderate and stable development of this young project.

Investment plans

They are represented by variants of medium-term projects, terms are counted in working days, the crediting is made in the same way. The deposits at the end of the term is returned. There is also the option of early withdrawal of the deposit with 15% of total commission.

1. Basic. The most affordable and as a result the most popular plan. The deposits are accepted from $10 to $500, which will provide you a guaranteed 1.6% for 25 working days. Final income is 140%, where net income takes 40%.

2. Advanced. Entry limit is $501-2000. The rate is 1.9% for 45 working days (63 calendar ones). Final income is fine, i. e. 185.5%.

3. Premium. If you are ready to invest from $2001-5000, you may rely on 2.2% interest in 60 days. ROI:132% + 100% of your deposit is returned.

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4. Progress. For investment from $5001 and more. Provides 2.5% for 90 working days. If everything works fine, you will get 325% of income including your deposit.

Technical part

    A dedicated server by FOP Litvinenko Sergey Nikolaevich (domain has been purchased for 2 years) DDoS-protection by Antiddos SSL-encryption by Thawte Lisensed script by GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal Type: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: three-level (6% -3%-1%) Feedback: address, phone number, e-mail, contact form, live-chat

The conclusions

Progressincome is one of the brightest projects of recent days, skilfully made, with smart plans. If decent demand be, this project – as i think – can bring a lot. Another option is early withdrawal of deposit with “merciful” penalty. The future of the project and its cooperation with investors in the eyes of the admin are to be know soon, in the interview. Meanwhile, I am adding the program to my monitor and I am watching that the admin fulfills his duties. I wish you good dividends and stable increasing of your capital!

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