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Last summer was a great period for experiments, including the field of high-yield projects. And as you remember, we never wasted time by trying all possible options to maintain the previous profitability level. But with the advent of advanced project with traditional features, we are reluctant to get back to experimental programs (by the way, they have shown a poor performance), especially because at the moment we have a fine selection of “classical ones”. I’d like to single out Pure-Finance in this multitude. The project is reserved and functional. In short, that’s the very thing for a progressive hyip player…

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  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project started on September 7, 2013

It is not the first time we have dealt with “transport aircraft”, but we have no unpleasant aftertaste about it. Perhaps, it’s one of reasons why a non-sophisticated and reserved object seems to be quite an adequate platform for the deposit multiplication. However hard administrators try to embellish their creations, we will estimate their efforts in action all the same. In this respect, the Pure-Finance administrator copes with his managerial duties quite successfully: during 3 days online no payment delays have been noticed. It’s not the only moment to be taken into consideration, though.

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Before you decide to participate in the program, I suggest you to pay attention to such peculiarities:

    a neat design that hosts available visual details in a harmonious way; a convenient placement of basic sections; a laconic description of aim and mission of each page; the availability of detailed stats on the website homepage (Investors Stats, Paid Out Statistics and so on); a progressive promotion of the Pure-Finance project: since the referral program is not attractive enough for an experienced investor (0.5% referral fee from a deposit), the administrator is involved into an active monitoring base expansion (a little more that 40 objects have been added now); the chance to learn about investment plans before getting registered: you can see their compact description on the homepage (more details are given below).

Although deposits are accepted at full speed in the project, it seems to me that everything we’ve seen is not all the administration has planned in respect of this sample (for instance, How to Invest is empty so far; PerfectMoney is the only one accepted currency)…

Investment Plans

The project offers a traditional set of investment opportunities with a loyal 10% minimum entry. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment term or is included into payments by VIP plan. Interest can be reinvested. In order to count the volume of potential profits, use profit calculator on the homepage.

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1 day:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 104% (4% of net profit+100% of principal) $500 – $5 000 – 105% $5 000 – $ 100 000 – 125%

3 days:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $500 – 114% $500 – $5 000 – 118% $5 000 – $100 000 – 180%

15 days:

    minimum investment starts from $10 tо $4 999 – 185% $5 000 – $100 000 – 1 000%

VIP for 13 hours (hourly payments):

    minimum investment starts from $200 tо $8 000 – 8%, ROI=104% $8 000 – $50 000 – 10%, ROI=130%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from CloudFare SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust (for 2 years) Licensed GoldCoders script Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney Withdrawal: instant (up to 24-hour delays are possible) Affiliate program: 0.5% Feedback: phone, contact form

The conclusions

The Pure-Finance administrator has set a good start of his program at the beginning of the path, and the audience is waiting for an equally worthy continuation. Of course, adherents of “extremes” can have not enough drive in this fast hyip (although who knows, maybe the administrator has not reached his peak yet), but a conservative investor will find a few options available both on hourly and daily bases. I wish everyone who has decided to join the project to catch a favorable trend. I hope that experience and professionalism of the administrator will get their way…

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