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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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  • The details
  • The conclusions

I suggest you to start last working week of January with reviewing of mediator between fast HYIPs and medium-term projects – Re-Inv. com. This object catches attention, primarily, due to a range of benefits for investor, among which are minimum duties and deposit limits, relative freedom of actions and comfort in use. Meanwhile, investor can raise profitability level anytime, adding necessary sum for upper investment barrier. Search these details and other program peculiarities inside this post…

The project started on January 24, 2013

Revival-Investment is an online investment fund based on moneybox principle, i. e. the amount of daily earning depends on total deposited sum. Reliability of this resource – equal to the fact of getting deserved profit is partly confirmed by available artifacts and subjective payment statistics + its formal representation on home page.

Let’s start from the first component – description of objective Revival-Investment opportunities. In today’s context the available amount of information allows to answer the following questions:

1) What are the terms of participation in the program? – Refer to Terms, FAQ, Affiliate.

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2) How can I get in touch with Revival-Investment support? – Support section.

3) How can I earn money by promoting program in masses? – Take a look at Affiliate section.

4) Which investment benefits do I get from signing up and making deposit? – Enter home page or find details later on it this post…

Investment Plans

Minimum investment in the project is only $1, commission for making each deposit is 1%. The actual daily interest is calculated based on the actual account principal amount in your Revival-Investment account. Interest is charged daily at 00:00 by Western European time. Deposits are made on unlimited time period, principal can be withdrawn anytime. Once the account principal amount in an account reaches the minimum required for a more profitable investment plan, the account will be automatically switched to that plan.

Investment plan E. The interest of 1% per day (7.2% of net profit per week) is paid on account principals from $0.00 to $250.00. Thanks to daily capitalization real profit after 1 week/1 month grows in geometric progression. Thus income after 1 month constitutes 36%, not 30%.

Investment plan D. The interest of 2% per day (14.7% of net income per week) is paid on account principals from $250.01 to $500.00.00.

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Investment plan C. The interest of 3% per day (23% of net profit per week) is paid on account principals from $500.01 to $1 000.00.

Investment plan B. The interest of 4% per day (31.6% of net income per week) is paid on account principals from $1 000.01 to $2 000.00.

Investment plan A. The interest of 5% per day (40.7% of net profit per week) is paid on account principals from $2 000.01 and above.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server (for 2 years) DDoS-protection from Koddos SSL-Encryption from GeoTrust (for 2 years) Unique script Original design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 1% Feedback: contact form

The conclusions

Moneybox projects by the likes of Revival-Investment are clearly popular among investors who have a chance to manoeuvre with available funds. Program design, simplicity and logical composition of plans and rather low amount of referral commission give us some ground to think about long-lasting admin’s intentions. At least, needed background both for Russian and English-speaking investors has been already laid.

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