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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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In the beginning of the project operation, the RealESGP manager showed that he was not afraid of changes, even though they were unpredictable and fleeting. Surprisingly, his spirit of enterprise did not frighten investors: they were waiting steadily for the moment to collect all puzzles (including the detail with investment plans) and build a common picture. I guess none was offended with the final result. Some internal power is perceivable in it, and its supply is likely to be exhausted only when the administrator decides on it…

The project started on September 20, 2013

The RealESGP project is an appropriate sample of an empirical “blacksmith shop” for a yesterday’s (or even today’s) novice. No, it’s beyond my principles to idealize peculiarities available in the project, but I am always glad to give an adequate estimation of offered powers. I can frankly say that this hyip “wins” investors not only because of potential profits, but also owing to the complex of undoubted advantages.

I would like to start with the fact that has the administrator somehow extended the borders of a standard preparatory process to the project assembly, and he complicated the task in that way. It’s nice that we can finally see a more or less fresh legend about RealESGP team operation in construction of logistic centers. Investment plans are not spun out of thin air too. They correspond with types of investment objects (warehouse premises), with which the company is told to deal. Provided graphical insertions that are displayed in the photo gallery format on the homepage complement the legend as well. But still, it’s really easy to use the site. The founders themselves offer a 3-step procedure of getting to know with the program (ibid, the homepage): learn about the company – select a plan – sign up.

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When it comes to other things that can be of use in the public website area, I suggest you to view such informative sections in Ru/En languages as FAQ (it contains a quite weighty list of questions/answers about RealESGP operation in an original interpretation + the manual for making a deposit via QIWI system), Latest news (no new additions are available now) and Contacts (it offers a range of contact details for any taste – from a formal address to a conventional contact form) + links to the most visited social sources, i. e. Facebook/Twitter.

The internal website part available for authorized users needs special attention. The back office is extremely simple, and it is characteristic of all objects powered by GC scripts. The navigation menu is placed right in the center (pay attention to the option of detailed stats on Transactions and Referrals). Here we can view improved security settings which are traditional for this script provider (detect IP/browser change for signing in). I think the volume of information you’ve received at this point is enough to form your first impression. Now let’s move on to nuances of a more practical aspect…

Investment Plans

The project offers 4 investment plans with a varying profitability level. Minimum/maximum entries are $10/no limit. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of investment circle by the first plan (D) and it is included to daily payments by other options (C, B+, A+). The reinvestment option is available. Income calculator in the Investors section will help count the amount of profits (the last line of the table by each plan).

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Plan D. Minimum investment varies from $10 to $300, daily interest is 1% during 10 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 110%.

Plan C. Minimum deposit is $301-$1 500 with 4.83% (1.5% of net profits + 3.33% of a deposit) per day during 30 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 144.9%. A deposit is gained on the day 21 of the circle.

Plan B+. Minimum deposit is $1 501-$3 000 with 3.46% (1.8% of net profits + 1.66% of a deposit) per day during 60 calendar days. ROI =207.6%. A deposit is gained on the day 29 of the circle.

Plan A+. Upon investing from $3 001 and higher, you get 3.2% (2.1% of net profits + 1.1% of a deposit) per day during 90 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 288%. A deposit is gained on the day 32 of the circle.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection by Koddos SSL-Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, QIWI Withdrawal: manual (up to 48 hours), according to actual fact – instant Affiliate program: 5% from affiliate’s deposits Feedback: address, phone, skype, e-mail, contact form, live-chat
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The conclusions

I can’t say that the project is nonpareil, but sufficient makings of originality are obvious. Many users (and I belong to them) are attracted to the RealESGP site because of its rational restraint in everything, from the color solution of the website covering to the description of investment plans. I share the opinion of those readers who concede that the project will turn to a successful course of development in case its administrator sets correct preferences. So far the latter is focused more on basic advantages of the resource, built at the preparation stage of its launch. In principle, even if the monitoring base is added without haste (<20 units are available in it) and investors reveal an active position, this hyip can show satisfactory results. Let’s see how much sustainable the online establishment of the “company with the promising future” will be…

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