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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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“Forexintradayltd” is a fresh potentially working clone of Nanoenergyproject. Similarities are obvious: design, plans, technical content, other small details. Of course, one can only guess whose work it is. If it is Nano administrator’s work – then it’s too soon; if it was created to support Nano – then the handwriting is shown too frankly. Let’s hope that it is a good fake created with the goal of long mutual enrichment. One way or another, this project is at the level and it just must be discussed at our resource. Welcome, “Forexintradayltd”!

Start of the project: June 23, 2011

The site is well-set, it is possible to compare the project with Nanoenergyproject here. The legend is included in the title – Forex, there is even a certificate about company registration in Belize and license for activity. I think no one will discuss if those scanned(?) papers are real or fake. Texts are original, design is pleasant and well-structured, navigation is handy, content is good. There is even a module of mass mailing of invitations to invest in HYIP in investor’s member area. Administrator has found a moderate quantity of not bad monitors, we’ll watch the projects future development and promotion. The program is already filled up with big investments for a number of reasons. Tens of people and maybe hundreds put their hopes on this project (not only moral, but also financial ones), and in my turn I hope that this machine is in capable hands that know their business.

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Investment plans

According to the legend, accruals in the projects are made on business days (Monday-Friday), terms are also indicated in working days. The deposit is returned in the end of the term, there is also a possibility of its pre-term withdrawal. In this case the commission will be 40%. That’s too much, but this somehow disciplines people: it seems like the possibility exists, but as this operation is unprofitable, it loses its physical sense.


1. 22 trade days and daily rate at size of 1.3%. This formula provides 28.6% of net profit for 1 calendar month as a result. The limit of entering this fund is $1-$400.

2. 45 trade days and 1.8% daily. If you are ready to invest more than $300 in this HYIP, this variant is for you. In this case the profit will be 81% + your initial deposit. Perspectives are tempting, of course, but 2 calendar months are a very unsteady term, considering such ambitions. Nanoenergy makes rates more modest even despite the fact that accruals are made on calendar days. HYIP has already overcome this surge.

3. There is a third, “platinum” plan for investments from $2000 which gives 2.2% daily within 60 days Total profit according to this plan will be 232%. Two or three such investments in the beginning and the administrator will sadly give up and go to the Maldives or at least to Turkey with “all inclusive”.

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Technical part

    Dedicated server from Dragonara DDoS-protection SSL-encryption from Thawte Licensed script from GoldCoders Unique content


    Payment systems: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay. Type of payments: manual (up to 12 hours on working days and up to 24 hours at week-end). Referral system: two-level (7%, 1%) Feedback: actual address, telephone, contact form, live-chat.


This HYIP is promising, no doubt, but I would only use the first round. There was one “Ddf” which in the proper sense of the word, went into a drawdown because of hopes put on it. There are definite limits of trust and they don’t let some administrators trench on more than they deserve. But, of course I wish this project all observable and boundless horizons. May all investments pay for themselves and “Forexintradaylatd” become one of the leaders of profitable average-term projects movement. Watch the project’s news in our daily observer! I hope it won’t make us wait too long…

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