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I can’t think of anything better than RosKapital now for people, who can make money out of nothing. An active social position alone will be enough to receive good returns from referrals’ deposits, earn more if one agrees to open the representative office in one’s region or at least enjoy standard percentage rates by tariffs. Certainly, the management board has wrapped the process we are used to calling investment into a more harmonious shape, but it doesn’t change the essence…

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The project started on February 23, 2014

Normally, when you hear somebody offering too much and asking few things in return, it sounds suspicious at the very least. Still, there are exceptions from all rules or at least a way to deviate from the course. It’s clear that RosKapital slightly exaggerates its legal status, but can anybody besides us know better than all these formalities are nothing important? It’s facts that matter for us, and we have them.

However, you will get access to all pieces of information only after you open your account. You can’t even view the “FAQ” section unless you prove you are a registered member. All this story with loans, which the project will help you pay out is a nice legend, as you might have guessed. Although the block with questions and answers contains the whole sections devoted to Credits, we see no pieces of evidence, proving the project manager does all that. Instead, we see two weeks of truly successful online activities, quite a few contented clients and some new programs to help you improve your budget.

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The resource is quite massive (Russian and English languages are available), but there is no need in following different links. I’ve done that for you)

So, extra financial offers are placed in:

    the “Partnership Program” section: 3 levels of partnership bonuses, a chance to open your office and get extra 5% if your monthly return exceeds $10,000; the “Creditworthiness” program displayed in the back office and in RosKapital blog: only for those people, who have earlier opened offices in your region. It’s given for 1 month only. The core is that during this period you will be given higher referral returns in advance (25%-13%-12% from the first deposit and 20%-10%-10% from further deposits). If you manage to attract more than 20 referrals over this period, new referral rates will remain with you. If you fail to do that, previous referral rates will be returned. Look for all requirements by this link; the back office – up to $20 for your review (see Get 20$ for video review) only for those investors, who have at least one active deposit in the project. All available textual and video reviews can be looked up both in a user cabinet and on the website.

Here are some features, which you may find useful:

    video manuals by main website operation pages – look for Video Tutorials in your user cabinet; when you are in your cabinet, contact the support service via contact form and the ticket system, and check updates under the sign “Latest news”; if you can’t find something in reserves of the working place (by the way, you can switch it to the fullscreen mode), use the search line to speed up the process.
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Investment Plans

The project offers a good choice of efficient investment plans with varying profits (and the investment plan customization option). Minimum/maximum entries are $10-$30,000. The amount of your interest rate depends on investment terms and the invested sum. All plans enable daily payouts. Principal is included into payouts. In order to see the original scheme of tariffs in the back office, press Finance -> Plans. The calculator facilitating your counting profits is also there.

Thus, the “Loan repayment” plan allows reaching the break-even point in about 3.5 months. Everything you will receive after that is your net income.

“Advanced repayment” lets a user regain his/her deposit on the 20th day of the period and earn 154.8% in total.

The “Household bills” tariff makes it possible to regain the initial investment on the 16th day of the period and get 199.8% ROI.

“Investment in business” allows to reach the break-even mark on the 17th day of the period. Total returns amount to 177%.

The technical part

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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, Payeer Withdrawal: automatic (instant) Affiliate program: 15%-3%-2% from the first deposit; 10%-0%-0% from further deposits (3 levels) Feedback: phone (for Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan), a callback option, Skype, e-mail, live chat, contact form and ticket system in the back office, Facebook/VKontakte/Odnoklassniki/Twitter/Google+
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The conclusions

This project is specific. It’s impossible to overlook that. The admin is regularly adding some bonus actions, so that you will often find something new if you visit the site or its blog. But given the fact that investors are already sharing their money with him and most likely won’t cease doing that in the future, you shouldn’t postpone your decision to join the program for too long. Two weeks are enough to see how the resource unfolds its functioning. And it does it in an adequate way.

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