SecurityCashFlow. biz review

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

Life is too short to waste it for different trifles. But still joy of life is secluded in these same trifles. Sometimes it is useful to keep a bird in the hand instead of waiting for two in the bush. Considered within today’s review object, in my opinion, is one more “bird” that arrived in our industry for some time…

The project started on October 12, 2012

The admin didn’t get the idea of flight from nothing: on home page we see happy investor in the process, banknotes are also flying all over…on the background there is something resembling the sky. But we are the people born to walk on the ground that’s why flight is not always safe and sound for us. So the first thing we do is examine the ground on which we will be able to land in more or less secure mode. Let’s start right now…

What are basic characteristics for ground analysis of SecurityCashFlow (in regard of our specialty):

    appearance: SecurityCashFlow website doesn’t look 100% original at first sight, but the admin assures it does. I think, we can trust him content: the main stream of texts is unique though there are some premises from other sources statistical element: is all there, including general statistics on home page and statistics on individual payouts in Paid Out Stats objective factor: in Ratings section (we observe (still) small amount of monitors) independent sources: see in footer – Forums line (MMG, TG, DTM) technical support: modest and conventional team (Contacts+phone on main page) bonus (?): current currency exchange floating rates – in creeping line on home page rather modest record of monitors – average investors’ activity – gradual promotion (works for project use)
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Investment Plans

The most optimal selection of investment offers is below. Minimum deposit must be $10, maximum is $100 000. Deposit is included in profit, which is paid out in the end of investment term.

1 day:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 104% (4% is net profit, 100% is principal) $5 000 – $100 000 – 125%

3 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 114% $5 000 – $100 000 – 205%

5 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 126% $5 000 – $100 000 – 325%

10 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 158% $5 000 – $100 000 – 650%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from AntiDdos SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Original content

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 4% Feedback: phone, contact form

The conclusions

Every good thing tends to terminate, though while this “good thing” in the form of SecurityCashFlow still works, it makes sense to take our chance. The project works on standard GC script but its personal account looks nicer than many others. Other details which we’ve revealed in the course of analysis also justify for the better of this program. On the whole, SecurityCashFlow looks like a good object capable of functioning on available “oil”…

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