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Senior Gold showed up in the high-yield field when investors didn’t expect that. Surprisingly, almost no flaws were mentioned about it. Users took everything for granted. The admin responded with fairly good things such as fast payments, a responsive team and an everyday work according to the schedule. He seems to like running business in today’s circumstances, and investors are impressed with his results…

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The project started on May 9, 2012 (updated on March 5, 2014)

The project head wasn’t particularly concerned with design: so there could hardly be any better embodiment of Forex, gold and trading than the one we see now. However, the resource is compact, spared of everything unnecessary, and it copes well with its informative tasks.

Senior Gold profile threatens to challenge the limits of your and my financial performance, but the section with plans shows what the team can really do. The rates are balanced, and when you check them, you already know how much you can get. The same page features a small paragraph devoted to the reserve fund. It is normal for us to meet such info, although it is still a formality.

If you want to trace the dynamics of project’s development from the very beginning and share your opinion about its new skin, don’t hesitate to visit this site. The blog clarifies some moments as almost nobody has known about it before. I suggest you to read through the F. A.Q section (it performs the role perfectly well) carefully and create an account. In the back office, simplicity and comfort set the tone, that’s why log in and feel at home. There are just two things I’d like to mention: a security-focused system (see Security Settings) and a chance to earn more as a referral by joining the representative program (see the Partnership tab).

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Investment Plans

The project offers a good set of efficient investment plans with varying profits. Minimum/maximum entries are $25/$200 000. Minimum/maximum one-time balance replenishment limits are $20-$30 000 via any available EPS. The amount of your interest rate depends on the invested sum. All plans are operated on business days*. You can work with several deposits at a time in your account. The minimum amount** to be withdrawn is $0.1. Income calculator will help count the volume of future income (refer to the page with plans).

Plan #1. If you invest $25-$1 000, you’ll get 6% daily for 20 business days. The net profit in the end of the period will comprise 20%, and 100% of your initial investment will be returned. The break-even point is reachable on the 17th day of the period.

Plan #2. After you deposit $1 001-$5 000, you’ll be given 6.5% per day during 20 business days. Your principal will be regained on the 16th day of the investment period. ROI = 130%.

Plan #3. If you invest $5 000-$20 000, you’ll get 7% daily for 20 business days. Your total return will be 40% net profit and 100% of your principal. The break-even point is reachable on the 15th day of the period.

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Plan #4. Deposits in the amount of $20 001-$50 000 provide 7.5% per day during 20 business days. Your principal will be regained on the 14th day of the investment period. ROI = 150%.

Plan #5. If you invest $50 001-$200 000, you’ll get 8% daily for 20 business days. Your total return will be 160%. The break-even point is reachable on the 13th day of the period.

* To learn official holidays observed by the administration, click here (the Earning questions subsection, the question runs: Do I get earning on weekends or official holidays?)).

**When you submit a withdrawal request, you will be asked to enter your smart PIN (a 4-digit set you created while signing up). This code won’t be ever restored if you lose of forget it.

The technical part

    Dedicated server (domain purchased until 2016) DDoS protection by CloudFare SSL encryption by GlobalSign Custom script Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer Withdrawal: manual (you will be sent a notification to your contact e-mail once your request has been processed) Affiliate program***: 5%-6% from referrals’ deposits Feedback: office address, e-mail, phone, live chat, contact form

***5% are given for 1-50 referred users; 5.5% – for 51-300 referrals; 6% – for 301 and more referrals.

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The conclusions

The project was quietly whiling away years online in expectations of its official launch. Its manager decided that it was time and investors had to see his partizan creature. I’d say Senior Gold is not as easy as it may seem. Those users, who have checked its earning options, won’t let me misinform you. It is not only a hypothetical chance to earn some money here, but also a true fact. This HYIP can keep functioning and evolving. All tools are at its disposal. One month online is just a beginning for a good medium-term project, so let’s wait for an adequate continuation…

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