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Money doesn’t smell, but many people know where and how it smells of money. © Robert Kiyosaki

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Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. © Bill Gates

The project was launched on June 18, 2014

It’s been 5 days since it started smelling of money at SolidSharePro, otherwise what is the point of our being here? The admin shows you can’t help gambling in many different ways. And I’m willing to believe in that now. One viewing of the homepage will be enough to learn whether it is worth going on and spending your time on general nuances. Certainly, everything is unveiled in a way that you even want to look through other pages.

Yeah, both English and Russian website versions need some corrections, but they are not an obstacle for understanding the essence of key texts (FAQ, How to deposit), calculating profit over a certain period of time and opening an account really fast. After that you are expected to follow a common procedure. Make a deposit to gain earnings in return.

The project head doesn’t strain himself, I must admit, and doesn’t exert us with talks about the offshore zone, in which his company is incorporated. He simply says: if you do this and that, you’ll get a fixed sum. Of course, I like this approach much more. Easy, comfy and instantly build the whole essence of SolidSharePro. It’s easy to create an account; it’s comfy to control the process; it takes almost no time (instantly) to withdraw income.

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By the way, if you choose the second plan and forthcoming ones, all three features can be tried by you in the next hour…

Investment Plans

The project offers 5 investment options with fixed interest rates. A minimum entry is $10 or 0.1 BTC whereas a maximum one is $50 000 or 100 BTC. You are allowed to open several deposits from different payment systems. All plans work 24/7. Interest is sent each hour by all positions except the first one. To view all deposits you currently have, click on Deposits. All transactions are stored in Operations. A minimum withdrawal limit of $1 is applied only to EgoPay deposits. You can withdraw your principal anytime. No commission is imposed while taking out profit/deposit. The personal area also lets leave your feedback/read reviews of other members. If you are interested in stats data, see the footer of the public website part.

So Plan #1 is available once you invest $10-$499. The participation reward is 2.4% 1 time a day. ROI in 7 days is 16.8%.

When you pick Plan #2, you’ll be given more – 2.88% per day/0.12% per hour. ROI in 1 week is 20.16%.

Plans #3, 4 and 5 will be opened as soon as you invest $2 000 – $50 000.

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In particular, Plan #3 gives 0.15% per hour/3.6% per day. Your net return will be 25.2% in one week.

Plan #4 allows to earn 4.56% per day/0.19% per hour. You’ll get 31.92% ROI in a week.

Finally, Plan #5 provides you 6% per day/0.25% per hour. Your ROI will be 42% in 7 days.

You can add more funds to your principal/withdraw its part at any time.

The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo Licensed script by H-Scripts Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney (USD), Payeer (USD), Payeer (USD), Bitcoin (BTC)
    Withdrawal: instant (in case of technical faults – manual, up to 12 hours) Affiliate program: 10%-3%-1% from income Feedback: contact form, Skype, e-mail, live chat, tickets (PA), Facebook/Twitter (coming soon)

The conclusions

SolidSharePro is a real opportunity for all investors, who are not excited about expecting payouts and being supposed to make a deposit for a fixed period. In a word, it’s a classical moneybox, in which one can withdraw earnings even hourly (as accruals arrive) without paying any fee. Given project’s age, I suppose the admin is not tired of new deposits yet. And it means that the game goes on. However, be sober-minded. The fate favors the brave, but only when it is apt. Good luck!

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