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Program is a SCAM already. Don’t invest here!

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Given the fact that I monitor only perspective and potentially long-term “working” projects, Somerset-financial naturally falls directly into this category. At first glance, this gray eminence, in spite of the investors’ expectations and according to my predictions, is capable of doing more. Despite the fact that the site of the program is rather simple, it is led by a competent and caring foreign leader. The plans suggested by the project are absolutely sane, reasonably profitable and provide minimum amount of risk that the admin does not fulfill his duties. The introduction to this project is laid below.

The project starts on March 14, 2012

Today Jaydee personally contacted me to make sure that LibertyReserve is also not available for our time zone, and asked to inform the readers about the time delays of payments. He also told me that he is waiting for a new design for the site. The actual one doesn’t have the appropriate looks. I am looking forward to the visual modification of the project that can complement full technical “stuffing” of Somerset-financial.

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In Technical part on this page you find plans, legend and statistics. You can see basic data: when the program starts, how many days it functions, the number of active participants and investors being online. The concise history of this investment company engaged in the development of the IT sector is not devoid of a philosophical context and outlined plans for the future. Under the authorization unit you can see the Live-support icon; when offline status changes to online, click on the link and you will be automatically transferred to Skype window. This is one of the first but not the last innovations of the administrator.

AlertPay is also due to be introduced this week; in addition, it is mentioned in FAQ that the project is ready to accept any other e-currency upon request. I think this idea is exaggerated and it only means that Somerset-financial is open to all suggestions on expanding the range of accepted EPS. And it’s a good thing. At the moment, the project is controlled by two dozen monitors. This project is apparently going to be gradually developed.

Investment Plans

Small rates and the succession of their growth may be the key to a long and successful existence of the project. All dates correspond calendar days, the payments are carried out on a daily basis, the return of the deposit should not be expected at the end of month as it is included in portions in the payments.

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1. Trial. The most affordable plan for $ 10 to $ 200 deposits. Designed for the whole calendar month (30 days), the proposed rate is 4% daily. This combination provides the output 120% results, 20% of which are the net profit. Deposit bounces on the 25th day.

2. Consevative. For $ 201 to $ 1,000 deposits. Size of the rate increases to 4.3%, the term remains the same: 30 calendar days. As a result, we have 129% profit, 100% of them are your initial investment, which bounces a few days before the one in Trial.

3. Professional. If you are willing to make $ 1,000 investment there is a more interesting option: 4.5% daily for 40 days. In this case you get 180% profit, i. e. almost twice as more as the deposited amount. The investment is bounced on the 15th day.

4. Expert. For those who can invest $ 5,000. They will be offered the following rates: 40 days, 4.7% daily, 88% ROI +100% of the deposit.

The technical part

    The dedicated server DDoS-protection by Koddos SSL-Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Unique content

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, in one of these days AlertPay will be available Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: 5-7%, depending on the number of affiliates attracted Feedback: e-mail, contact form, skype
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The conclusions

I think this project has good perspectives. If all the plans and promises of the admin gradually become a reality, the project will strengthen its position and attract earlier skeptical depositors. The plans and charisma which the administrator possesses may allow the project to profitably exist during a long time.

We will see. I rely on Jaydee and you can continue to monitor the project in a special section, as well as on GIO in daily newscasts. I’m waiting for you tomorrow in the same place at any convenient for you time. Thank you for your attention!

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