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As I have already mentioned, not everyone can afford participating in StableInvestments, but each user who can invest some 50 spare dollars has a chance to investigate the inside part of the project and withdraw earnings (in case everything ends well). Although the visual part and the technical provision of the project are at the same level, I think that the administrator has devoted more attention to the practical side of the HYIP. Despite sparse informative texts, the website visitor can easily figure out terms of cooperation. Maybe these terms will be of your liking too…

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The project started on September 3, 2013

Like any other business project aimed at achievement of financial goals, StableInvestments looks strict and abstract at times. Nevertheless, a reserved marine covering hides a quite adequate and working functional. It is worth passing a simple registration procedure (just enter username and password with confirmation) in order to take a look at a cabin of the investment ship. An interactive website section shows how to do it.

So, the first moment to be focused on concerns the questions of operational convenience. The main massive of information (actually, as it should be) is concentrated in the zone of frequently asked questions which makes the navigation process much easier. And everyone who has a command of Russian and English (the resource is available in both languages) can access this information.

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Then I would like to touch a more pragmatic topic in the order of the day, i. e. the administration’s reaction on increased tariffs in the PerfectMoney system. In a word, the administrator have not worried about this news: StableInvestments accounts are verified, that’s why no additional expanses are imposed on an investor.

Well, the last thing to be analysed after one week online is the administrator’s approach to the resource management. Everything that happens inside and outside the program seems to have been planned for few weeks in advance. The administrator makes no knee-jerk actions (less than 20 monitors in the base + links to almost empty website pages in popular social networks – Facebook/Twitter), but apt introductions are estimated by at watchful investors at their value. There are many pleasant nuances in respect of profitability too. Continue reading to learn what I am talking about…

Investment Plans

The project offers 4 investment plans with average profits. A minimum entry starts with $50. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment circle. The compounding option is available. It is also possible to pass to a more profitable plan when the balance of the account reaches a necessary sum (by adding funds via the same EPS or reinvestment of interest). Premature principal withdrawal is available for plans 2, 3 and 4. An original income calculator on the homepage will help you calculate the volume of profits.

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Test. Minimum investment starts with $50, a daily interest rate is 0.8% during 14 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 111.2%. Referral fee is 3%.

Start. In case you invest from $500, your daily return will be 1.4% per day during 25 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 135%. The penalty fee for premature deposit withdrawal is 15%. Referral fee is 3%.

PRO. Minimum deposit is $2 500, the volume of daily profits is 1.8% per day during 40 calendar days. ROI =100% of an initial deposit + 72%. The penalty fee for premature deposit withdrawal is 15%. Referral fee is 5%.

VIP. If you invest from $5 000, you will receive 2.5% per day within 65 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 162.5%+100% deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 40 of the investment period. The penalty fee for premature deposit withdrawal is 10%. Referral fee is 8%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server (domain for 5 years) DDoS-protection from Ddos-Guard SSL-Encryption from Comodo + green bar Custom script Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, QIWI Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 3%/3%/5%/8% depending on the referral’s plan Feedback: address, phone, e-mail
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The conclusions

I’d characterize the atmosphere in the project like that: “slow but sure”. The StableInvestments administrator has secured its creation from mass input of “one-time” payments beforehand (by having put quite high limits by offered plans), but the administrator suggests an interesting entertainment program for everyone who would like to take a test drive. As none investment circle has been completed yet, we can judge about punctual payouts within 7 days. And we can say nothing bad about it. It’s highly probable that the project has come seriously and for long. Time will show…

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