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It’s Tuesday, October 14, and we are rubbing hands to come upon a well-off fast project that has succeeded in heating the client audience up and fraying nerves of rivals. Notably, it’s just 2-day old. Its initiator by no means attempts to be lost in a crowd. One is never bored to watch his movements yet capable of profiting with as little as $10…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on October 12, 2014

I bet you won’t make a surprised face when I say the highlight of this program is the “Rate Us” page, not the investment plans (fairly good ones though). It’s a popular destination of the investors, checking the current monitors base scope. I don’t mean to say those digits are a guideline in hitting new heights, but the administrator is not entirely focused on them either. He knocks down all ugly stereotypes by showing up in the chat and having live talks with clients. There is no point in enrolling assistants just to hear compliments.

As you might have noticed, the website is pretty ordinary and hardly resembles the Forex trade giant. However, users looking for an almost instant access to all sections will appreciate the design. As soon as you press the link to the resource, you will be welcomed by both a familiar legend and pages ready to serve you right away (I’d suggest you to glance at FAQ, News, Contact Us).

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As we’ve approached the footer part, we may well survive without scrolling up again. The bottom tray allows to reach all sections we’ve seen earlier. I believe you will agree that the project keeps blossoming primarily thanks to the creator’s aspiration. I am really lifted up to see what’s coming next. Join me and kill two birds with one stone by way of subscribing to one of plans listed further.

Investment Plans

The project offers a good number of investment plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $10/$200 000. All plans are available 24/7. Use the calculator in your office (Make Deposit -> Calculate Your Profit) to count how much you can potentially earn. Your active investments are stored in “Your deposits”. You may make additional deposits but all transactions are handled separately. All kinds of information by deposits, accruals and withdrawals are provided in sections called Deposits History, Earnings History and Withdrawals History. If you are concerned with safety of your account, activate options detecting IP address and browser change (see “Security”). The statistics (both general and detailed ones) are displayed in the right column of the front page.

After 1 day:

    deposits of $10-$4 999 bring 104% (including net income of 4%) $5 000-$9 999 – 110%
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After 3 days:

    deposits of $10-$4 999 produce 113% (a 100% principal + 13% as a net return) $5 000-$9 999 – 134%

After 5 days:

    deposits of $10-$4 999 bring 122% (a 100% principal + 22% as a net return) $5 000-$9 999 – 160%

After 7 days:

    deposits of $10-$4 999 return 132% (a 100% principal + 32% as a net return) $5 000-$9 999 – 190%

The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection by Ddos-Guard SSL encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin (coming soon)
    Withdrawal: manual (up to 24 hours; when the admin is online, it happens faster) Affiliate program: 3% from referrals’ deposits Feedback: contact form, online chat (shoutbox)

The conclusions

The person running Strong Bank tries to make the most of his life, still remembering to pay his partners all promised money. You may take his active position differently but it’s not to be argued that all his actions really benefit it. They say, live as if you were to die tomorrow. I’ll complement the saying: invest as if you were to live forever. As of now, everything we are taking from this fast hyip is absolutely positive emotions. In case you want to be charged with constructive energy from the admin and earn something, stop losing your time. Hop up in the train carrying income before it gets overcrowded!

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