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Trader Ways is a breathtaking event in the hyip industry, which we are honestly missing. The assembly level impresses, figures and bonus interest rates please, multifaceted and truly user-oriented nature of the project leaves us no other choice except learning more and opening an account.

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  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on August 5, 2014

So what do you think about the offer to take us to a new level of well-being? Yes, it would be great. However, the question is whether or not the project is capable of doing that. We’ll try to figure it out. At first, let’s see what kind of program it is, where it comes from and who its author is.

Trader Ways is a creation of one Panamanian “company” (of course, a couple of certificates are right here), chasing the mission of bringing us positive and unforgettable experience in the world of hyip investments. Watch how the team presents the program it is involved in:

As we are getting back to reviewing aspects we’ll need later, I’d like you to check a few important moments. Depending on which language (English, Russian, Spanish, Italian or German) you prefer to digest info better, pick a favorite website localization in the top of the main page. Once you are done with that, let’s see the interior of the back office (view the demo account by this link) without being registered users so far.

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At the beginning, you seem to see so many features, but when you get used to the cabinet, nothing prevents you from the investment process. Then it’s time to learn marketing and try to gain as many benefits from the program as possible, now being an active user. Before you start gambling, look through the FAQ section to finally sort everything out, so to say. We don’t close the question though, as there is one more page to be viewed called How it works.

As soon as you get a general idea of Trader Ways, we’ll move on to calculating profits (in a minute). As for the referral system, you may attract invitees by the standard scheme even now. Just send them the link to the landing page with minimum words and experience a promised state of independence…

Investment Plans

The project offers one versatile piggy bank plan. Minimum/maximum deposit limits are $10/$100 000. The plan works 24/7. The daily interest rate is floating – from 1% to 3.5% daily depending on the admin’s decision. The current figure by a daily return is shown in both the footer (Percent History) and the PA (point your cursor at the graph of income). Today’s daily interest rate is 3.1%. The average monthly profitability is 55%. The compounding option/manual reinvestment are available, with a starting sum of $1. A minimum amount to be withdrawn is $0.10. A deposit can be taken back anytime, but one is supposed to pay fees for withdrawing the main investment on various stages: up to 10 days – 10%, up to 20 days – 5%, up to 30 days – 3%, up to 60 days – 1.5%, over 60 days – 0%. At the same time, no fees are applied while withdrawing income. Please also note: income can be taken out to user’s account in any EPS whereas the main deposit is sent only to the EPS, from which it has been made.

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Investors having deposits of $500 or more can benefit from an extra bonus program:

Thus, if you invest $500-$1 000, in addition to a standard daily rate you’ll be getting +0.1%. More interesting things will occur if your investment is $1 001 or more – plus 0.1% during first 4 days until this bonus reaches 0.4%; after that you’ll receive 0.4% all the time. The same method works when calculating bonuses by larger deposits.

Your session in the personal cabinet expires in 30 minutes by default, so if you want to switch it off, click on off near the “Auto sign out” button in Settings. While you are there, you can also limit an access to your account by IP, add your contacts for referrals or change a given password. In order to save changes, you need to enter PIN given during the registration (by e-mail).

The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection by Ddos-Guard SSL encryption by Comodo Original script Unique content Custom-made design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, OkPay, plus SolidTrustPay is coming soon
    Withdrawal: manual (from 10 minutes to 24 hours) Affiliate program*: up to 8% and up to 11% + a bonus sum (2 types) Feedback**: office address, e-mail, Skype, live chat, contact form, Facebook, Google+, share buttons (refer to the main page)
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*There are two affiliate system types – standard (5%-2%-1% (2 levels)) and premium (7%-3%-1% + a 5% bonus to a deposit) ones – in the program. In order to reach the premium option and be one of project’s representatives, you need to have at least a 400-dollar deposit. All kinds of info by invitees are provided in the “Referrals” section of your PA.

**Opening hours are: 8 am – 8 pm GMT on business days and 8 am – 5 pm GMT on weekends.

The conclusions

In my view, there can be only one conclusion here – have a try and enjoy the process. The creator, in his turn, has been doing his best to provide us with rights, comfort and freedom of choice. Today, it’s been one week since Trader Ways started its journey to acknowledgement. It’s a short period for a piggy bank, but we need to trace this distance to proceed from. In short, let’s venture upon it, keeping in mind risks and ignoring no opportunity to get richer!

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