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Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.

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Phineas Barnum

The project was launched on September 22, 2014

Take just three components – a hospitable cover, professional texts and a comfy user cabinet – to realize the whole point of Trigon Oil, a new oil project. We are lucky to watch its ups and downs and have absolutely all departments in Russian/English and functions at our disposal:

    “About company” embraces so many sentences, but you will figure out its main point once you finish reading a couple of them. So, we are to register for an oil company that has acquired its official status in Great Britain (see its certificates in “Documents”; check its registration number here) and invest money in an old good oil business; “Affiliate”, “Representatives” and “Offices” pages keep highlighting the topic of company’s reliability and “legal” effect and open the opportunity for users to earn by agreeing to partnership relations; Then “FAQ”, “Support” and “News” are likely to be never forgotten. If you have any questions or want to have a private talk regarding the terms of cooperation, use one of many contacts available there. Members may well live without a live communication though after exploring the section giving answers to popular requests.

We are almost done with this part of our review and the last page is “Investment offers”. It may be uneasy to decide on the preferable plan just because all of them are so lucrative. Our money is work of the team. In general, all conditions are simple, common and realistic. One moment I have to cover (and think about) is the refund option (see the quote from “FAQ”):

TRIGON OIL INVESTMENTS LTD offers a 100% money back guarantee.

If for some reason decides to terminate TRIGON OIL INVESTMENTS LTD work with clients, this will be announced in advance on the official website TRIGON OIL INVESTMENTS LTD (https://trigon-oil. com).

Within 5 working days each participant will be fully refunded all his money from the account on the wallet of the payment system, which he replenished your account.

Now we proceed with getting an insight into all present plans…

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Investment Plans

The project offers 2 packages of investment plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $10/$10 000. All plans are available 24/7. No compounding option is available. If you need a calculator while counting the amount of possible earnings, click here. Already existing deposits can’t be cancelled. A minimum sum to be withdrawn is $0.1. Depending on the chosen plan, investors get their investments either in the end of the period or within daily accruals. You can’t edit your e-mail and e-wallet number on your own (ask a support officer to do it for you). It’s easy to manage your personal area: all subsections are united in 3 blocks according to their functions (User area, Operations, Personal info & Help), which you can temporarily hide in case you don’t need them. Overall statistics of deposits/withdrawals are shown in the footer of the public site.

Package #1 (principal returned) includes 3 plans:

BEGINNER works with investments from $10 to $1 000 and provides 1% daily for 30 days. Total income is 30% + a 100% deposit.

PRO is open for deposits of $1 001-$3 000 and returns 1.5% per day during 45 days. A total return equals 67.5% + a 100% principal.

EXPERT accepts deposits of $3 001-$10 000, by which clients get 1.8% for 90 days. A total profit is 162% + a 100% deposit. The break-even point is reached on the 56th day.

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Package #2 (principal included in daily payments) also gathers 3 plans marked with “+”:

BEGINNER+ deals with investments from $30 to $1 000 and provides 4.05% daily for 30 days. ROI=121.5%. The break-even zone is entered on the 25th day.

PRO+ is open for deposits of $1 001-$3 000 and returns 4.35% per day during 30 days. A total return equals 30.5% + a 100% principal. The break-even point is reached on the 23rd day.

EXPERT+ accepts deposits of $3 001-$10 000, by which clients get 4.65% for 30 days. A total return is equal to 39.5% + a 100% deposit. The break-even point is reachable on the 22nd day.

The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection by Ddos-Guard SSL encryption by GeoTrust Licensed script by H-Scripts Unique content Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer
    Withdrawal: manual (within 1-3 business days; in reality it happens faster) Affiliate program: 5% from referrals’ deposits for basic investors; 8% from deposits for official representatives* Feedback: office addresses (in London, Sidney and Cork), e-mail, phones, Skype chat, Skype support, contact form, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter

*In order to apply for a position of a company’s representative, one needs to deposit at least $500 and send his/her personal data (city, state, phone number, spoken language) to affiliates@trigon-oil. com. Names of existing official partners and their contacts are stored on this page.

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The conclusions

It is pointless to deny the fact that Trigon Oil is more promising than many rivals from the shared category. While we meet lots of details and features here, everything is in right places and in order. Eventually, the most comforting thing is seeing how visual virtues (I mean the website’s architecture and its texts) go perfectly well with the practical side. Payments are sent ahead of the schedule, promotion is implemented to stimulate demand carefully, leaving too much risky attention out of the door. From an objective viewpoint, this program can be a roaring success. As days creep on, we discover more reasons to believe it is getting ahead.

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