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Violet Stock is a self-made project elevated despite a storm of skeptical comments about its design. Sometimes it’s even more effective to function from the contrary. In this case, one needs to prove everyone who doesn’t believe in it, it is a good one. Only then there comes a true feeling of being a winner. It’s been a hard task for the admin to win some investors’ trust, and I guess he appreciates that…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on August 12, 2014

This project sneaked in our investment world almost secretly, realizing that it’s a bad idea to promise much and do little. I suppose everything happened the way its manager wanted. Users, whose sight wasn’t dimmed by violet fields, entered it once it was launched while others needed more time to get used to observing the picture at least once per day.

The very investment plans didn’t look 100% convincing either. The problem was in figuring out whether or not a 2-day option instead of a normal 1-day plan is appropriate rather than arguing about the amount of interest (it’s okay). As time shows, worries about this have been absolutely pointless. Well, let’s see what pluses are accumulated in this plain creation of a creative author:

    an easy-to-use website, where the front page allows to reach all sections or even learn everything each investor needs without leaving it; tested investment plans, providing a daily net return of 5% or more when calculating day-by-day earnings; a wide enough list of contacts (from the contact form to the chat option), prompt answers from customer support specialists; regular payouts of both profits and referral rewards (earned money is withdrawn during 12 hours and a 4% referral fee is credited instantly); a reasonable yet regular arrival of new investments, in which monitors take a mediocre part (about 3 tens of them in total).
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On top of everything, Violet Stock is constantly guarded by serious and responsible technical soldiers. We have all necessary conditions for making money: gain as much as you can…

Investment Plans

The project offers 5 investment plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $5/$30 000. All plans are available 24/7. You may count how much you will earn using the profit calculator from the main page (above the table with plans). If you need to view an exact date and sums by deposits/earnings/withdrawals, refer to Deposits history/Earnings history/Withdrawals history. Statistical data by latest deposits and payouts are posted in the public site’s footer.

It takes us 2 days to wait till interest and the main deposit are returned by Plan A. A deposit of $5-$750 allows to rely on 110% ROI; $751-$1500 – 112%; $1501-$3000 – 115%; $3001-$6000 – 120%.

The second plan “Plan B” provides 130% after 5 days if one invests $5-$750. The next step is 140% in case one deposits $751-$1500; 155% for deposits of $1501-$3000; 175% for deposits of $3001-$6000.

Longer investment options (Plan C, Plan D and Plan E) let everyone earn much more, from 180% after 10 days with a minimum deposit of $5, from 350% after 20 days, from 600% after 30 days.

The technical part

    Dedicated server by Black Lotus DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Unique content Original design
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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin (1 BTC costs $600)
    Withdrawal: manual (from several minutes to 12 hours) Affiliate program: 4% from deposits Feedback: contact form, e-mail, Skype, online chat

The conclusions

It may be hard to believe, but even after 1 week online soaked in trials and suspicion of investors, Violet Stock is still in high spirits and remains loyal to its legend. If once the lack of 1-day plan was a disappointment, current preferences are completely different: the thing is a 2-day plan allows to get from 5% daily, which is an incredible return for today. After all, the most important point is that this fast hyip pursues the same course in all weathers. It pays money, provides us with comfy conditions… So is anything else actually needed now?

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