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The admin is paving the way for future wins in a simple way – he tries to make his creation look more appealing and presentable. These endeavors deserve attention, and his achievements are praiseworthy. VNDUX opens up more and more as each day passes, and I definitely like this. What about you?

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The project started on February 14, 2014

As of today, the project is a bright example (by the way, some hyip managers should follow it) of how well patience and labor work together. Growth and extension are two things that have to accompany the resource while it is becoming more experience. I see them here.

In the last newsletter, fund’s admin (VDNUX has a formal license) writes he is still willing to climb up to reach the peak of success, but investors won’t feel any discomfort because of coming changes or rather won’t have any bad feelings. Updates in the personal area will be the next step.

I can already notice a previous ease in navigation and website’s clear texts (in Ru/En) right now. Everything the founder does is intended for users, and these parameters are especially important. I never get useless e-mails from him: all notices deal with new payment options, vacations and updates.

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Investors’ reviews sound quite realistic here. Grab a 50-dollar sum and check it yourself. Before we start talking about finances, let me drop a line about this promotion campaign. The pursued approach allows paying, looking good and spending money on changes without an active interaction of monitors. And now let’s draw the bottom line…

Investment Plans

The project offers 4 investment plans* on tempting conditions. Minimum/maximum entries are $50/no limit. The amount of your interest rate depends on the invested sum. All plans are operated on business days**. You can switch on button to enable automatic prolongation and reinvestment options. A cost-free early withdrawal of a deposit is available by all plans but the first one. The minimum amount to be withdrawn is 0.1 USD. If you want to add some money to existing deposits, do it. You can even upgrade them to next plans once the minimum limit is achieved.

Plan #1 (0.8% daily) allows earning 40% net income + 100% starting deposit. No early deposit option is available.

Plan #2 (1.4% daily) provides 210% net income in 150 days. The break-even point is reachable after 71 day of the period. An early deposit withdrawal is allowed after 70 days.

Plan 3 (2% daily) brings 500% net income after 250 days. The break-even point is reachable on the 50th of the period. An early deposit withdrawal is allowed after 120 days.

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Plan #4 (2.5% daily) is the most loyal one, without any term or upper limit. In one calendar week, you can get a net profit of 12.5%.

*The admin is also ready to give a credit within 10 business days if an investor follows simple terms. Check the details.

**Clients are notified about upcoming vacations in advance on this page.

The technical part

    Domain for 3 years DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo + a green bar address Licensed script by H-Scripts Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney (USD), EgoPay (USD), Payeer (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Qiwi (RUB), YandexMoney (RUB) Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: 8%-1% from deposits (2 levels) Feedback: office address, e-mail, Skype, contact form, Facebook/Twitter (coming soon)

The conclusions

VNDUX’s manager coped with a term, which initially seemed to be hardly achievable, surprisingly easily. 3 months have passed making users keep track of their income. CEO fulfilled all his promises and added new ones. Honestly, I was pleasantly astonished by his ability to react quickly, correct mistakes and pay. Beyond doubts, these three attributes make the project look nicer. I have only one wish to be said: may all good things last as long as possible…

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