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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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WesternFinancialArena is a great and most importantly, absolutely real alternative to many current medium-term projects. At this stage we can consider the reviewed object only in the outlook as one day online speaks about nothing. Nevertheless, a high-quality assembly of main details, additional opportunities both in a personal cabinet and on the corresponding website pages drop hints about serious intentions on the side of creators. Even now the direction obviously has a logical line to be followed in the project promotion. And investors are ready to join it…on one condition…

The project started on August 5, 2013

Of course, it’s a very easy and rather expected condition – stable payments. But we will not start our traditional review with the financial part. In this instance we see an interesting and harmonious object in a quiet wrapping and a competent placement of basic pieces of information. Two or three clicks will be enough to figure out all benefits of the project: upon entering the site, you will be offered to choose a suitable language version (En/Ru) and view video tutorials on how to work with the website. Then you are redirected to the homepage, on which you will learn the following moments:

    WesternFinancialArena is positioned as the company founded in 2010 with the aim of investing in various options (transportation of overseized loads, IT sphere and consumer services). Certificate of accreditation is provided as the proof of a professional qualification of employees, but it does not confirm that the project team really works. Keep staying on the homepage to define financial outlooks of your participation in WesternFinancialArena: just take a look at the left and the right columns of the page. Let’s say, investors with minimum deposit will gain average profits, and if summed up with a 7% referral reward, total revenues are okay. It is worth considering Our works page in a separate way that contains makings of project web developers (pay attention to such samples as Forum/Blog/Exchange service) and some program options (for instance, WFA keeper) can be tested right after you sign up. These additional resources will be of use in the future anyway. If any questions arise during your first visit to the site, you can ask for a professional advice (by Skype, e-mail and so on), watch tutorials in this section or chat with your colleagues on project pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (so far the links to these pages are inactive).
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Investment Plans

The project offers 4 options out of which the first two are the most affordable. Daily interest rate is charged on calendar days. Principal is returned in the end of the investment period. It is much easier to trace daily transactions and view data on latest transactions in popular payment systems (PM, Interkassa, Qiwi, Payeer) thanks to company’s own program product – WFA keeper. You can download the agreement on each chosen deposit before the investment period is over in your personal cabinet. Also, you can send messages to e-mails of users with the help of one tab inside the system.

1. Bronze. Minimum investment varies from $20 to $5 000, a promised daily rate 1.2%. Duration of investment period is 15 calendar days. The amount of total net profit is 18%% + 100% of initial deposit.

2. Silver. Upon $200-$1o 000 deposit the amount of daily rate is 1.5%. Investment term takes 35 calendar days. Total amount of net profit in the end of the investment period is 52.5% + 100% of principal.

3. Gold. Minimum investment varies from $2 000 to $20 000, an offered daily rate is 1.8% during 70 calendar days. In total: 126% of net income + full-seize deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 56 of the investment circle.

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4. Platinum. Upon invested sum of $5 000-$50 000 the amount of daily profit takes 2.2% per day. Duration of investment period is 160 calendar days. Minimal amount of net return is 352% + initial deposit back. The break-even point is reached on day 46 of the investment circle.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from Ddos-Guard SSL-Encryption from Comodo Modified script from H-script Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay (a number of payment system will be soon added)+ WFA exchange service Withdrawal: manual (up to 48 hours) Affiliate program: 7% from a deposit Feedback: address, phone, e-mail, Skype, contact form

The conclusions

As you see, in this case the administration used a simple and quite efficient method that helped WesternFinancialArena win favor of many investors right from the start. Actually, we are not the far from its starting point too. However, there are some opportunities for drawing an objective picture on the project at our disposal. As for features that can be noticed at this moment, they include a competent approach to the project assembly and its management, more or less accessible and real depositing options for multiplying income and the chance to observe the project development on the position of potential clients. I’d like to hope that good things are not limited by these details and the abundance of additional options is not a mere eye bleariness. We will see the real side in a week or two. And so far you can take minimum risks if you would like to try it!

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