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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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One more portion of food for thought is intended for everyone who still can’t choose a worthy fast hyip. In spite of its young age, WIPFunds has already managed to gain interest and attention of investors. And in this case I approve completely such a positive attitude of the latter. The program seems to have optimum conditions for the development at the sunset of the summer season: few competitors of the equal level, the availability of the wish and free funds at investors’ disposal, as well as the existence of some space for the interaction and a professional growth for both parties (the administration and participants). More details about outlooks and fulfilled opportunities in the project are provided below…

The project started on August 10, 2013

The WIPFunds direction needed just few days to get ready. After that investors were given the opportunity to consider available merits in detail and evaluate the profitability level of investment offers. The project is not that creative, but provided terms of cooperation and capacities are able to completely satisfy wishes of experienced users. I believe that in the current sample investors are attracted with such features as ease and convenience. The latter not only stay off hindering but also favor an easy and “painless” investment process.

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Even though fast hyips are not made to surprise easthetes with refined designer’s solutions and unique graphical motifs, pragmatists will consider implicitly and appreciate the following admin’s makings:

    as much reserved and functional design as possible appeases investors with the help of white and dark blue colors; the same convenient composition of the user menu in members area: all main sections for a quick access are placed in the left column. It is worth paying special attention to Tell a Friend (you can share the information about WIPFunds just by indicating their e-mail in a necessary line) and Security Settings (you can protect your account by setting IP change sensitivity and browser change); the availability of basic sections on the site which help new visitors to evaluate benefits and the overall resource quality in a couple of clicks: resources with stats (brief and extended) on the homepage, a compact list of depositing options – ibid, Status (the base of monitors and direct links to forums with hyip’s topics) and Questions (for those who would like to learn nuance on WIPFunds operation nuances); the next three options help to be aware of affairs in the system: the News page on the site, social pages on outside sources Facebook/Twitter + the Support section; all other merits have been enabled thanks to administrator’s efforts: the project has been developed slowly yet effectively (10 monitors are newly added to the monitoring base, and this fast hyip has been operating for the 9-th day).
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Investment Plans

The project offers a standard set of investment opportunities with varying profits. Payments are provided on calendar days. Minimum/maximum amounts for participation are $5-$30 000. Deposit is returned in the end of the investment term. Everyone can count the volume of potential profits in the back office (Members Area-Deposit-Profit Calculator).

1 day:

    minimum investment starts from $5 tо $500 – 104% (4% of net profit+100% of principal) $501 – $1 000 – 105% $1 001 – $ 2 500 – 107% $2 501 – $10 000 – 113%

3 days:

    minimum investment starts from $5 tо $500 – 115% $501 – $1 000 – 118% $1 001 – $ 2 500 – 123% $2 501 – $10 000 – 145%

5 days:

    minimum investment starts from $5 tо $500 – 125% $501 – $1 000 – 130% $1 001 – $ 2 500 – 140% $2 501 – $10 000 – 180%

7 days:

    minimum investment starts from $5 tо $500 – 137% $501 – $1 000 – 144% $1 001 – $ 2 500 – 158% $2 501 – $10 000 – 310%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from MaxAntiddos SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed GoldCoders script Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 3% Feedback: contact form
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The conclusions

That’s how the administrator directs his creation towards conquering new heights by making measured steps. I suppose that everyone who has tried one’s luck in the project remains satisfied, and newly arrived members will be also able to find some virtues in WIPFunds. Surely, the program takes an adequate place in current conditions of the fast hyip market. The guarantee of further stable project operation is simple: the direction needs to practice the same promotion and depositing campaigns, remembering to spark interest in users with occasional updates!

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