XsizeFund. com review

Attention! Program has some problems with payouts. We don’t recommend you to invest in this fund till the situation willn’t become clear.
In conclusion of current week I’d like to pull your attention to 4-days project, capable of multiplying investor’s budget by n-amount of money regardless reserved design and modest plans. HYIP is composed on a good technical level and it promises to add some share of stability to our life…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project started on January 14, 2013

Looking at XsizeFund design we have a universal and true impression: project creator is a real appreciator of minimalism both in colors and in lexical part. Basic HYIP’s idea is to provide shareholder aimed at equity market with constant inflow of funds despite crisis and unstable situation on currency market. Of course, one can hardly surprise with such approach but conventional legend in such interpretation doesn’t sound trivial.

Project content is so compact that overall viewing will take not much time. User-friendly interface is also supported with unique script. To get general information in the program, visit XsizeFund home page as well as FAQ. All unclear moments (if there are any) may be clarified by means of Contact Us section.

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Some project sections are coming soon (for instance, Testimonials). It also concerns separate elements in contacts. It makes us think about possibility of admin’s long and productive work. Moderate admin’s policy in adding monitors also indirectly points at that.

Let’s take a look at investment offers below…

Investment Plans

The project offers plans set for 7-60 days. All plans are calculated in calendar days. Profit is paid out daily, principal is returned in the end of investment period. Early deposit withdrawal is available with 30% fee.

Plan 1: min deposit varies from $10 tо $10 000, daily income is 1% during 7 days. Total return is 107% (7% are net profit, 100% are principal).

Plan 2: min deposit varies from $20 tо $10 000 with daily profit with 1.3% during 15 days. ROI=119.5%.

Plan 3: it is open for investor with $50 – $10 000 deposit for 30 days, income per day is 1.5%. ROI=145%.

Plan 4: min deposit varies from $250 tо $10 000, daily income is 2% a day within 60 days. Total return is 220%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from CloudFare SSL-Encryption from Comodo Unique script Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, STP Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: 3% Feedback: address, contact form, e-mail, live-chat (coming soon), call back option (coming soon)
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The conclusions

At present moment investors are very cautious in regard of considered object. Perhaps, the reason is middling plans and insufficient resource development. In practice such projects show the opposite results – moderate inflow of deposits positively influences HYIP’s viability. The admin has a few more days till the first investment circle ends. Possibly, some changes in admin’s tactics will be revealed soon…

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