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The question of money safety, especially, if it concerns electronic one, was and still is actual for Internet users, let alone us, HYIP-investors who constantly deal with EPS. Hence, we are more “likely” to have our accounts hacked or blocked. “Summer variation” of issues with LibertyReserve blocking is still fresh in our memory. The hackers do not loosen their grip as well, taking away funds from carefree guys and other victims of virtual fraud. So what should we do in order to ensure safety or at list minimize the risks of e-curency loss? The list of 10 clear but effective rules is below.

1. Always enter EPS address manually in browser line or use bookmarked page.

2. Before you put money to your e-account check whether all pieces of your personal data are correct. Practice reveals that some payment processors intentionally block user accounts to make them varify their identity (i. e. MoneyMakers и PayPal). Personal identification and checking of oyur info is needed in 2 cases:

а) if you lost password to access your e-account;

b) if your account has been blocked by EPS itself (for instance, if someone attempted to hack your account).

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3. When accessing EPS check for typical welcome line and data during the last work session.

4. Use PC with reliable and regularly updated antivirus software, protection from keyboard spies and farewall when working with EPS.

5. Ideally, create separate e-mail accounts for each payment processor.

6. Do not follow the links sent from people you do not know, that request your login and password from personal account.

7. All info and files concerning EPS should be stored on protected by password sources. One of alternative options is password creator and keeper – KeePass.

8. Regularly change password by which you access the system, thus, you devoid a hacker of the chance to manage your funds (if he still got your previous password). The best idea is to use complex, senseless combination of letters and digits.

9. Stop disservicing yourself trying to download software as if allowing to access accounts of other users. You will only get trojan and, sooner of all, lose your own money.

10. Finally, if you need to have your e-currency exchanged, remember that LR cannot be exchanged for WM, for instance, in automatic mode. Use only trusted exchange offices and multiply your capital!

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