Stages of HYIP activity

There seemed to be said and written a lot of information about HYIPs but regularity of their activity and mistakes made by both experienced and new investors remains on the same level. Knowing what HYIP is and how it works, somebody still doesn’t suspect that possible failures in this or that program are explained with simple fact: you’ve made deposit or withdrew money at the wrong time. What is hidden under this general phrase “at the wrong time” in our context? Let’s find it out in today’s publication…

Just as any other business-object, HYIP undergoes definite periods in its life or so called phases. There are 4 such phases: compensation phase, growth phase, saturation phase, phase of decline. After you figure out activity phase of some project, you will learn the best time for investments.

Compensation phase. Activity of typical HYIP starts from project launch online. In order for HYIP to be in demand, one need to present it in a good way or, in simple words, make it well-known. Classical variant is creation of post with program topic on various theme forums, addition of resource on monitors. Of course, it is difficult to say how HYIP will function in a practical aspect, but you can note general features right on the spot: used design, copy-pasted content from other websites, resource location on a free hosting. Availability of one element from the list or all of them usually make investors hesitate over future transactions.

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Growth phase. When the project becomes publicly acknowledged, it takes niche in its cell. Active period starts, investment period is launched, promo-campaign is spread, investors are attracted by means of referral system, actions and bonuses. For some programs such period is less dynamic. As a rule, such thing happens to HYIPs in which administrators spend minimum funds for promotion and rely on affiliate program.

Saturation phase. This is the most balanced period of all that serves a destination point for all HYIPs. The question – How long will this idyll last – depends on administration’s intentions and current program popularity. One can recognize the start of this stage by stable and regular payouts, addition of new items and supplementary features for investor’s comfort.

Phase of decline. The synonym to this subtitle is crisis moment. Typical features are decreased money inflow, lower project popularity in the industry. In this situation projects either overcome crisis or scam. Most HYIPs are likely to scam as soon as such phase starts. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions: administration launches the second promo-wave, arranges actions and special plans for target investors. Some administrators prefer to perform full refreshment: they renew design, form new plans and create monitoring base again.

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In any case, the main idea in HYIPs is to remember about commensurability of potential profit and existing risks. Here you can count only on yourself, that’s why wise analysis of chosen program is important. If you decide that the game is worth the candle, make your investment considering the material given above. Good luck to everyone in investment medium!

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