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The situation with constant transformations of AlertPay/Payza/EgoPay have already caused a stir. Whatever it is, we have to get used to these changes in the industry. Even right now we have much Payza e-money and do not know what to do with this “cheap” money. The admins and all of us are faced with the fact of single alternative – EgoPay. Let’s learn this accept in detail and create your own account. Let’s go!

As you know, Payza will not be accepted by any HYIP – by one point in the US legislation the possibility of cooperation with investment fund was forbidden. What shoul investors do in this case?

We are offered to use the above mentioned EgoPay. This is as if equal alternative with unjust “robbery” interests. Speaking in number terms, we will lose 3.9% + $0.59 (for direct transfer from Payza)

The commission inside the accept for different account types will be:

    Personal – 2% + $0.25 Business – 3.5% + $0.50 Exchanger – 2% + $0.25

At present moment all commissions are cut by half (this is a bonus). In three months they will look like that.

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Our option is Personal account. We will follow registration process according to it:

1. Enter egopay. com and click “Create EGOPAY account”.

2. Choose account type (Personal) and fill in the registration form:

    Email Password (not less than 8 signs, with at least one capital letter and digit) Confirm Password PIN code (for authorization, not less than 4 signs) Confirm PIN code Choose security color (it will be the indicator that you use real EgoPay while signing in, not fishing one) Enter the code on the picture Agree to the terms of EPS Choose your residence country on the right Click “Sign up”

3. Activate your account. Sign in to your email address and follow confirmation link.

4. Authorization. Your account is activated! Sign in to your account under set email and password, enter PIN.

5. Fill in your profile:

    security question security answer first name last name address country city phone number move the markers in necessary direction and click Save


You can exchange EgoPay currency through these exchange offices:

https://egopay. com/exchangers. html

Those who like to do other things at the monitor and who do not want to spend time on reading may watch this:

http://www. youtube. com/embed/gadj7iNK7iA

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