The wearable future of online banking

A mainstream audience has not been given a chance to try all functionality of devices for portable banking yet, but manufacturers won’t halt because of that. Samsung, Sony and the likes launch their products on the market while progressive Spanish banks CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell charge them with their apps. Don’t you think one party is missing here? Indeed, they need someone to buy all these things. All people firmly believe that it is time. Now your “bank” is on your wrist or in front of eyes rather than in your pocket…

When the optical Google Glass accessory was shown a mass-market user, everyone but unaware people was surprised. Some of them still can’t get how such a simple yet hardly understandable product can take pictures, shoot videos, broadcast the weather, convert currencies and something else in a hands-free mode. To make sure it’s not a sci-fi myth, you need to put on this high tech miracle and keep your eyes opened. In the meantime, developers still improve their devices and make fans follow the news.

CaixaBank & Google Glass

As soon as the US opens the Google Glass apps market, CaixaBank will be pleased to contribute to the wearable trend, with its popular applications, for which lots of customers already love Google Glass, virtually though. It takes no efforts to guess what the bank considers useful for clients: where to find the bank branch, how to travel there and how much an item costs in different currencies.

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Both cases require the launch of appropriate apps, after which the first item provides the address, the phone number and the direction you need to go to reach the office. It is also possible to activate this software by voice. The currency converter by CaixaBank is even easier to deal with: focus your Google Glass device on a price tag, choose any currency you wish to convert this sum to and see the result on the optical display.

In contrast, the release of a smart watch has been less immense, although it is not as costly as “glasses” and is free on offer (unlike Google Glass issued for testing). Samsung, Sony, Pebble and (coming this summer) Moto 360 with Android Wear are among the most popular smartwatch brands. Analysts reveal really bold statistics, which have to encourage not only companies involved in manufacturing these high tech items but also banks, with their still weak reaction on opened opportunities. Imagine, over the span of one year (2012-2013) the smartwatches industry has grown tenfold.

Experts keep drawing favorable pictures for the near time and hope that retail banks will grab a piece of the emerging wearable technologies space. Their hopes can come true as the use of less affecting and versatile tools while communicating with individuals will sufficiently simplify the very idea of personal financial management and the way mechanisms work to form “client-bank” relations.

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The main target public is the so called Gen Y (people born in the 1980s and early 1990s), the representatives of which are unlikely to utilize smartphones when they can push a couple of buttons on their wristwatches. Gamification will improve the process even more. Portable apps have to take care of building person’s financial health based on user’s data and tracking of expenses. In the reachable future it may be possible to count on location-oriented options such as discount programs, too.

So, if customers are pointed at the right road, wearable technology can be timesaving when solving routine bank tasks and helpful in optimizing client services. In this respect, CaixaBank is ranked first again.

CaixaBank & Smartwatches

In February 2014 CaixaBank launched the stock market app for Sony Smartwatch 2. All general pieces of information by such international indices as IBEX35, Dow Jones, NASDAQ or Eurostoxx are shown directly on the smart watch. To learn more, it is enough to click on the stock to be automatically redirected to the same application on the connected mobile device.

All things are difficult before they get easy, as they say. Bread and circuses! There is room to explore the wearables…

Source: finextra. com

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