TOP myths of the admins

Every day the investor has to face lots of fake and hardly trustful statements, offers and other virtual vibrations coming from our friends and at the same time foes, i. e. from the admins. Generally speaking, the whole industry is built on mutual deception which should not be considered grave sin because everything happening here is transparent and realized by both parties. The industry continues to exist for those who have studied the way it works and follow its laws. It is possible to earn here and many guys are artful in this point, using knowledge and experience as the main artefacts…

1. We are super company working with Forex, precious metals, stock markets, nano-technologies and so on. Here are the scans of certificates, licences, widgets of currency rates, contact for VIP-investors and much more.

Remember: it is highly recommended not to believe in all this stuff. Whatever trustful these sections may seem, all filled with unique and informative content, even the smallest share of it has nothing to do with reality. 99.9% of what you see is called online fund or successful company, as if needing your personal investments is pure lie.

The only light in this darkness may be statements (actual and available for checking) and registration number of the company. Here due to such services the truth remains obvious. Again, if the list showed positive results do not hurry to rejoice. The fact of officially registered company is not the evidence of its real activity. This super company is likely to exist only on paper.

2. We will never scam. Here everything is clear but there is some sense to explain it to newcomers to industry. We’ve made in clear (see above) that all these companies are a sort of pyramids (ponzi) which sooner or later come to end. Unfortunately we live not in the years 2006/2007/2008 and the admins are not the same. About 5 normal projects are created per year which work for 1 year or more. It is rarety to find and recognize one, then you should be decisive to react when and where it is necessary. Not everyone is able to do that. After half a year such project start to pain in investor’s neck and he do not know whether it is time to withdraw or not yet. In other cases, we are dealing with “one-day” projects and “decent” admins working for 3-6 months. There is no such thing as perpetuum mobile here.

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3. The website underwent strong Ddos-attack and is closed to be fixed. Ddos is rather widespread which is most likely to happen on the start and on the pick of the program. In many cases it is either a blackmail of the admin who is offered to save situation for money or actions of incognito – the competing company.

There are also cases when the admins take use from Ddos-attacks, imitating offline status of the project and its final outcome. We are dealing with this at times, and I will be informing you about them. If you hear about “technical works” you must know that the admin is probably playing for time restraining troubles among active members and getting more traffic to the project.

4. The hackers broke all wallets and stole all funds. “We are sorry but our company is over”. It also happens. Unfortunately, it’s just the way to disappear more or less adequately. By the way, there are cases when the admins purposefully change the numbers of investors’ wallets to take away their money. After that everything seems like third party invasion or you just didn’t care much about safety of your account (chose non-secure password and so on).

5. Bonuses, great rates, new super-profitable plans, excellent performance, make the deal of the year, incredible traffic to the project and what not can be the reason of such generosity. Of course, there can’t be such thing as perofrmances since intially the legend is fake. It is done to attract more traffic to the program. Admins use it for 2 reasons: to keep the project working or to gather much money and scam afterward.

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6. “Long-term” projects. This is a common practice of recent time among fast projects (with long-term projects it is rare thing). The scheme is easy and accessible: the admin makes the “framework”, buys the domain, purchases some tens of authoritative monitors and exists in such state for 1-6 months, gaining term and statistics. The newcomers may be hooked on it. The admin of recently scammed project PerfectLiberty told that “there is nothing bad in this tactics”, instead, this is the indication of considered and professional approach. For experienced investors such tactics is the sign of activity for as long ad first 2 weeks or more.

7. Statistics on deposits. All admins without exceptions gain public statistics which you can find on home page of many programs. It is custom. In general, total deposited sum means nothing for us. It is shown so that new investors are not surprised to see huge some in the line “Total deposited”.

8. Paid out/Payments stat. The main sectiob for the investor who wishes to control the situation. But this block can be controlled by the admin. When the investors complain of pending and payments are stamped by tens, we see the core. One of the indicators of it is fake payments (without batches) with fatal signs n/a.

9. Blocked accounts (you bring danger to the project). You tried to hack project account/perform unauthorized actions on the program. In other words, when you are not beneficial to the admin (for example, when it is not profitable to bring you back huge daily profit or return big deposited sum) your account is blocked with used out explanations. One of such cases was the account of one investor to EurexTrade. $10.000 stuck in his private cabinet forever and I saw that. Explanations of the admin are as old as the world. By further requests were ignored.

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10. Transfer money to this e-wallet Uxxxxxx, create new API and get your bonuses, pending payments and so on. As a rule, such messages come from not working projects which are still online and which try to make get all possible from you. And they manage to do it. NEVER transfer money directly to “the admins’ e-wallets”, do not follow the instructions on creating API, read the info on project work on forums and discuss all questions among colleagues! No rash actions!

11. The project is PAYING while it is long forgotten (scam). Do not trust monitors commenting on forums, trust the investors like you. The monitors are paid till last moment and if the admin admits scam status, in RateUs status the opposite picture is shown. That’s why it makes no sense to watch project status on its website.

12. 10 000% in 5 minutes! This is the point for those who believe that such projects not only exist but also pay and you are one among lucky ones. Such projects are initially scams, their admins are shameless frauds making money from someone else greed, that is, from ours. So I recommend you to hold on and close the websites of such project from the start. As many investors might have noticed, the most adequate rates are 104-105% on daily plan on minimum deposit. Everything above it doens’t last long or doens’t last at all…

To be continued…

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