TOP stable HYIPs in investors’ opinion!

In November of current year well-known MMGP forum hosted traditional contest “Autumn-Winter 2012. Choose the most viable HYIPs!”. According to the rules of this event, participants had to define 3 projects (with facts) with 16%+ profitability in net equivalent which will supposedly last till February 16, 2013. Based on this query we decided to compile TOP of the most perspective HYIPs by forum users’ version. StrongInvestment, Trading Coalition and the very sponsor ElitPay didn’t manage to justify investors’ hopes. The list of more stable colleagues is below…

1. Felmina Alliance has passed trial by time having attained status of favorite among other investors. Some of its benefits are payments without delays and good roots. Predicted lifetime is minimum 3 months due to low interest rate.

2. Bensonunion has got status of “long-liver” after almost 1 year of stable work without failures. Investors are especially rejoiced with regular payments in instant mode, professional design and steady model of HYIP development.

3. Stability FX is called zero-risk option that quickly grows, rejoicing with stability. The project is trusted for investors as it has been tried with time.

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4. NewGni has been working in non-stop mode during long time offering moderate plans. According to forum users, HYIP’s success is much attributed to admin’s consistence.

5. Stallion Gold has won popularity due to original plans, good technical provision and smooth promotion. It seems to be stable and perspective for investors.

6. The Klides catches investors with unique design and non-standard approach to interest crediting. It attracts depositors with its own “face” and great potential.

7. ERP-Finance is a well-done moneybox project that performs its obligations before investors and works on the base of prospective plans.

8. Profitable Sunrise as investors say, is an excellent project that has been providing moderate payouts within continuous term. It has to easily cross New Year’s period.

9. StartUpInvis a high-quality project with thought-out plans from proved admin.

10. Australian Business Group is a respectful HYIP which possesses a good diversity of plans. The admin has gained “Silver” status after relatively short term.

11. World Class Investment is HYIP from the cohort of silent and unnoticed long-livers with accented potential.

12. ProforexUnion has such positive traits as admin’s experience and good preparation (according to investors).

13. Active Fund has a status of successfully developing novice.

14. Globobridge is a fresh HYIP and it is voted for by this criteria.

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Forum participants decided that TOP projects with perspectives should look like this. We will find out very soon which projects from the list will win the title of the most “stable” ones in the upcoming year 2013. Meanwhile, each of you can join the group of voted people and share your own thoughts on potential long-livers in comments to this post. All I have left is to wish you productive work and, certainly, good mood!

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