Where do people invest abroad?

As statistics of multiple surveys that are dedicated to the topic of investment priorities among citizens of Asia, Europe and the USA show, people aspire to maximally ensure their savings more and more as years pass. If a couple of years earlier about one half of Europeans have preferred saving deposits and pension reserves among all types of investments, today about 70% of deposits in Europe are made in these two investment tools. Japanese people remain in the number of the most reserved investors and Americans – as advanced and risky guys – still speculate with shares, although they also choose more conservative options, i. e. accumulative deposits and insurance funds. Nevertheless, the excitement of Russian investors has been not affordable by them yet…

Despite the unequal distribution of private investors’ funds in various deposit diversification elements, Europeans, Americans and Japanese users choщse at least one of these alternativeы to a bigger or lesser extent:

    Currency and deposits Insurance and pension reserves Shares and equities Investment trusts Obligations

Bank deposits remain the most stable (not the most profitable one though) source of passive profits. Insurance polices and pension funds seem the second reliable type of investments, although some 4 or 5 years earlier only 4% of Japanese have been ready to insure their lives in the investment aspect. So, let’s see in which sources and in what proportions representatives of outlined territories invest in the year 2013:

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So the investment portfolio of Japanese citizens is comprised in the following way (1.510 trillion yens in money’s worth):

    55.6% of savings are invested in currency and deposits 28.2% – insurance and pension reserves 5.8% – shares and equities 3.8% – investment trusts 2.2 % – obligations.

Americans form their portfolio in somewhat different percentage proportions (total investments are amounted to 53.6 trillion dollars):

    32.9% of deposits are invested into shares and equities 28.5% – insurance and pension reserves 14.3% – currency and deposits 12.3% – investment trusts 8.7% – obligations.

Finally, the investment portfolio of the population of Europe is built in such proportions (19 trillion euros):

    36,4% – currency and deposits 31,8 % – insurance and pension funds 14,3% – shares and equities 7% – investment trusts 7% – obligations.

Here are some points for comparison. Investment trusts in Japan prefer outward investment in securities (37.6%). Other types of investments are ranked second (22.5%) and obligations are ranked third (19%). The U. S. trusts still prefer to work with shares and equities (46.3%), secondly, they invest into obligations (43.5%) and loans are ranked third (6.3%).

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Japanese pension reserves distribute most investments among obligations (31.5%), others (27.6%) and outward investment in securities (20.8%). As for the pension sector in the USA, the majority of financial assets is focused on shares and equities (38.3%), investment trusts (24.5%) and obligations (19.2%).

Let’s complete our analysis with data on insurance funds: in Japan this investment sector is focused on obligations (61.3%), loans (12.9%) and outward investment in securities (11.7%). In the USA insurance organizations also prefer investing funds into obligations (53.4%), shares and equities (25.5%) and others (9.4%).

These pieces of data can be viewed on the following graphs:

Thus I feel pretty confident saying that overseas investors continue choosing relatively reserved types of investments, even though sometimes it harms their financial benefits. Only the country where the HYIP direction has originated and which actively supports speculation with shares keeps aloof in this sense. As experience shows, in most cases conservative elements in portfolio serve our purpose while ‘aggressors’ assist our greed and favor the growth of adrenalin in our blood rather than the increase of much talked-about well-being…

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