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I think this is the first thing we should start with. I have found this opportunity only at Alpari so far. Before that, demo-accounts as a rule were provided only to traders, but here they also took care about us, novice PAMM-investors. What does a managed demo-account give us? First of all, learning of PAMM-platform functionality, possibility of live analysis of trader’s strategy and estimation of his effectiveness, but what is the most important thing – total exclusion of any risk probability.

Demo-account suggests using virtual money. You choose any manager you like, and rather his PAMM-Account, invest an unlimited amount of money in your virtual cooperation and watch trading process projecting the result on your potential real investment.

It is a wonderful opportunity to test the trader you are interested in without moral and financial expenses. But there are some restrictions in demo-version; I have discovered only one so far – there is no possibility of looking through trading reports (reports about closed deals). Nevertheless, a number of other advantages compensate this fault.

Let’s begin.

Of course, everything begins with registration in Alpari service. For that we enter the site alpari. ru and press “Register” in the top right corner of the screen. There are options of quick and full registration, I advise you to choose the second one, as sooner or later you will still have to do it. Registration is simple, Russian letters, Russian texts, the only thing – you must enter real information. Even passport series and number, and your phone number (you will need this to verify your account via SMS).

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After that you need to move to the PAMM-Account rating. We press “Managed Accounts” in the upper panel, then choose “PAMM-Account Rating” in the menu in the left part of the screen.

We click on any account we are interested in and check if the trader’s proposal is open. If such information as minimum investment amount, trader’s remuneration from income, etc. is open, then this proposal is “public” which means that the manager is ready to accept extra investments. So, without any doubt we proceed to opening a demo-account.

For that:

We press “Invest Virtual Funds in This PAMM-Account”
Information about the account will automatically appear in fields “PAMM-Account” and “Proposals”; or in case you are creating the account directly from investor’s work space – you will need to enter this information yourself.

Your partner’s ID is nothing else but your referrer’s ID-number (in this case you are his referral).

We put a tick against the declared statement and press “Continue” (having studied Regulations and Client’s Agreement before that).

Congratulations, your demo-account is open! Information about this account was sent to your e-mail. Now, you need to load this account so it could start working.

Press on the link to set the balance of your “Personal demo-account”.

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Choose the currency you want to load (EUR, USD, RUR) and enter the amount you want (the main thing, is mustn’t be less than the threshold of entry for this PAMM-Account, in my case it’s $350).

Now you need to load the managed account from your personal one (you just need to transfer money from one account to the other).

We follow the link “Work spaces” (right under the Alpari logo, in the top left corner of the site screen) and click on the object “Managed Accounts”.
We choose the tab “Demo”, click on the account line and we choose the item “Deposit/Withdrawal of funds” in the appeared menu.
In the appropriate menu we enter amount of deposit, put a tick against the item “I agree with the terms…” and press the “Enter” button.

That’s it. Your request will be completed during the next open rollover according to Request planner.


Open rollover is a procedure oriented on statistics gathering and updating information about a PAMM-Account and investors’ managed accounts, also during the open rollover calculation and paying remuneration to the manager take place and so does completion of investment requests (requests for depositing/withdrawal of funds).

It is possible to monitor an account in tabs “General information”, “Reports” and “Monitoring”.

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