PAMM-indices. How to fix income!

Three days of investing in PAMM-indices have brought me $5:) To experiment, I acquired all 4 packages: Platinum, Gold, GoldP2, Balance with lots of $150 ($600 total):

The first real results will be seen next Monday in my traditional PAMM-report. Meanwhile, I will show you fix income to further dispose of it…

I’ve already told you how to buy PAMM-indices. Now let’s work on closing orders.

To withdraw income you have to fix it. For doing this, you have to close order, after which the managed pledge with reflection of price change for index since the start will be brought back to your PAMM-index account. If the index ran up, you will get income. If it is lower than initial sum you will fix loss. Then you can manage money as you wish.

To fix income and redistribute money (income withdrawal, investment redistribution on PAMM-indices, total money withdrawal from investment in PAMM-indices) you need to close order:

a) In “Trade” bookmark rightclick the order to be closed. In context menu choose “Close order”:

b) In “Order” menu click the button “Close #xxxxxx buy X, xx PAMM-Index on market”

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Attention! You can close deals after finish of rollover (Saturday, from 4 p. m.) till Sunday, 11 p. m. by Kiev time.

Investment operations are available 7 days a week with the exception for rollover (Sunday from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.)

Minimum investment in PAMM-index is 0.1 of lot or $100.

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