PAMM-report+Indices (02/04-02/08/13)

The results of last week showed nothing special both within PAMM-portfolio and Indices. Aggressors somehow haven’t risen to the occasion but it is characteristic of them. Integrated report on latest trade results of my Fx-Trend administrators is below…



AlexZhuk (account #7093): +2.2% Sven (7031): +1.6% Avas (5995): +1.8% veronika (7165): +1.1%
Total result: +1.5% or +$65 It is the first week that shows traditional and first plus after several useless ones. Overall, everyone has played according to their genre and revealed their best traits, yet pulled profitability level to model point.


(cutting from the terminal)

Of course, inside the terminal I had to face less pleasant events: as usual, Anton (505404) gets into relevant minus -20.7% after last great result. The things are not going that smoothly on Potroshitell (503924) account: -12.5%. Both traders practice gentle intrusion into green zone. Unfortunately, Otmar (11695) didn’t manage to safe the situation in this Index: +5.6% didn’t help. Hence, the figures are:

    Platinum: +1.3% Gold: +1.3% Balance: +4.3% GoldP2: +1% Aggressive: -15.1% Million: +1.4%

On the whole, the game went okay. Rebalance your portfolios towards conservative and moderate traders still consider potential perspectives of aggressive trade. And you will be lucky.

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