Panteon Finance platform review

Not long ago an innovative broker joined financial market and promptly gained positive reputation, primarily, thanks to quality and scope of its preparation. I think there is no ambiguity in an object of today’s review as we are talking about Panteon Finance. As feedback of users and my subjective observations justify, this investment platform deserves close attention and I plan to start profitable collaboration with it in the near future. In the meantime, let’s consider its basics, opportunities and advantages, compared to traditional trading systems…

The main idea, fulfilled in Panteon Finance is placement of different broker companies in one field. Thus, searches of decent traders come to selection of one or more administrators right on company website. Note: the process of selection is simplified thanks to regular PAMM-accounts rating updates according to daily trade (it’s the first thing visitor sees on website).

What are we dealing with? Panteon Finance was founded in 2010 in Odessa (currently it has one more office in Kiev, Ukraine), proved by certificate of state registration and other legal documents in Information sector. Company website is represented in 2 languages (Russian and English) with opportunities for international cooperation.

The company unites 5 world-wide brokers (Alpari and Fx-Open are coming soon) and deals with its own PAMM-accounts (about 20 of them):

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How does it work? In order to start operating in a system, one needs to sign up (remember indicating your real details) and charge account in Panteon Finance. Further investment process to broker accounts of various representatives is provided directly from this account. Availability of money for depositing/withdrawals and condition of investments are checked in user’s back office.

Panteon Finance activity directions:

PAMM is a trading account that combines in itself a manager’s account and unlimited number of investors’ accounts. Profit and loss are shared among all the participants of the PAMM account, in proportion to their share in the PAMM.

PAMM 2.0 – The PAMM 2.0 key advantage is a possibility of distributing not only the profit, but also the risks among the manager and the investors. Offering all kinds of advantages of the classical PAMM system, PAMM 2.0 significantly increases the security level of investments and ensures the guaranteed manager’s responsibility for the funds entrusted to him/her. With PAMM 2.0 you insure your investments.

PAMM Index: a brand new and unique product, enabling to reduce your risks as much as possible by building up a maximally balanced portfolio of PAMM accounts. Virtually, it is an already ready investment portfolio prepared for you by the Company analysts from the most promising and stably earning managers.

MetaTrader4 trading platform (download for free from here)

Comparatively recently Package Investment has been added. This mechanism allows to build investment portfolio in a couple of clicks by simultaneous investment in account of different traders. The main benefit of this direction is efficient management of personal finances. The additional benefit is an option of transferring funds from one broker’s account to another (one saves time and money on transferring funds from/to different systems).

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How do you charge your personal account in this system? The range of available payment instruments impresses: besides traditional EPS options, one may put money directly via card (Visa/Mastercard) or bank wire. More details on this matter are given in Information section (“Depositing and withdrawals: payment systems”).

In general, the list of accepted payment options is as follows:

– WebMoney

– LiqPay

– Liberty Reserve

– Perfect Money

– Interkassa

– Visа/MasterCard

– Bank wire

Is it possible to check Panteon Finance working efficiency before direct investments into TC? Yes, it is. The company gives a unique opportunity to count the volume of potential revenue based on real PAMM-results for previous period. The service is called “Demo investment”.

Company details – Contacts section:

– address (Ukraine)

– phone

– skype

– e-mail

– online support

– forum

The main company mission is to minimize risks in investment activity. That’s a basis for Panteon Finance operation. A sufficient and visual advantage of a reviewed platform is a set of investment and informative opportunities for both parties of trading relations – investor and trader:

1) separate sections for Trader and Investor with packages of informative and software means

2) minimum deposit starts from 10 foreign currency conventional units

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3) support 24 hours a day

4) free demo account

5) prompt and comfortable functionality

6) attractive service for investor – more opportunities for trader to increase his/her share of profit in favorable conditions.

In conclusion, I wish you a successful operation on new platform and profitable working days!

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