Step-by-step instruction for investments in PAMM-indices

The main instrument for work with PAMM-indices is trading terminal. It allows to perform all operations with PAMM-indices. Also it provides excellent visualization of the process and gives all necessary information in real-time mode. To use PAMM-index product you need to create “Pamm Index” account in Private Cabinet (after you create it you will get necessary for authorization data on cell phone and e-mail), install terminal MT4 to your computer, launch it, then…

1. Authorization in terminal:

а) To complete authorization in terminal MT4 click Menu, choose “File” –>”Login”

b) Fill in the fields in pop-up menu

    In “Login” field enter the number of your PAMM-Index account In “Password” field enter trader password which you got in the SMS or E-Mail Choose necessary server “Skopalino-Server” Click “Login” button

2. To watch the change of quotes you need to open the graph on which they are reflected:

    In “Market overview» window choose necessary PAMM-Index Right click on the name of needed PAMM-index

3. To invest in PAMM-index perform the operation “Buy”:

    Click “New order” button on the tool bar (or F9 button) Indicate necessary lot of the deal (investment volume), Minimum investment volume is 0.1 of lot (100 USD), minimum step to change the volume is 0,01 of lot (10 USD) Click “BUY by market” button
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Attention! You can’t:

    Open sell deals (SELL) Display delayed orders Open and close orders in improper time

4. You can view the results of the deal and evaluate probable income in “Trade” bookmark: In pop-up menu choose choose “+Graph box”

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