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A while ago (more precisely, a little less than half a year ago) the Fx-Trend company implemented an interesting service. The idea of its creation had been matured for a long term and suggested by a perspective PAMM-participant and frequenter at events based on the platform. The Investment Advise service is an excellent opportunity for experienced investors to fulfill their ambitions with a worthy reward and the same attractive alternative for all PAMM users who are ready to entrust the choice of traders and arrangement of the portfolio to more experienced colleagues. Surely, as any other innovative product, this service has found its appreciators. Hence, it is considered on the pages of our blog…

How everything started

As everyone knows, demand causes supply. The success of any company, in particular, of Fx-Trend is defined by the opportunity of producing timely ideas and corrections aimed at making the resource popular and asked-for in masses. Active PAMM platform users will confirm the fact that company direction does not chase the quantity, implementing only promising and challenging projects. As Fx-Trend general director Andrey Polishevich admits, this time the idea of consultancy service has been offered by the person with great working experience on the platform:

The creation idea of the product that we are presenting today has been prompted one year before in Kiev by the person, who has acted in 4 roles at our company. He performed the role of trader, PAMM administrator. He acted as agent and investor. But real concept was implemented after the contest (for the best ad platform (a)) had ended and shown all pros and cons of such projects…

The aim of the Investment Advise product

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The main service aim is to help PAMM colleagues find each other and assist them in signing a mutually beneficial deal, the so called trade offer (in fact, it’s the analogue of the managing trader’s offer). Testing period of this service has been successfully completed in early February and since that time all interested persons on the one side may entrust the arrangement of their trader’s portfolio to self-reliant and acknowledged colleagues, and all remaining persons on the other side may fulfill their skills for the reward fixed in the offer (10% from investor’s profits). More detailed acquaintance with the regulations for the Investment Advise service provisioning is possible by following the corresponding link.

Working conditions and advantages for Investor

In order to use the consulting service, the Investor just needs to follow few simple steps in accordance with the manual on work with Investor’s profile in the Consulting system and finally, to complete the trade offer with a chosen consultant (mediator) to invest into practically break-even PAMM products.

Upon concurring with this suggestion, the Investor provides the Consultant with the right of investment portfolio formation. And the mediator bears no financial risks (unlike a classical managing trader). Nevertheless, given the regulations, the Consultant gets bonuses (%) only in case the Investor completes trading period with profit.

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Working conditions and advantages for Consultant

The status of Consultant does not allow the latter being a representative of Fx-Trend and does not provide him with authority to carry out any actions on the behalf of the Company. The Consultant equal to the Investor acts as the Company Client and has certain advantages.

When signing the trade offer, the Consultant gains the following benefits:

    the interest from Investor’s earnings defined in the agreement (if the Investor suffers losses, the Consultant neither gets not loses anything) the chance to fulfill accumulated pieces of knowledge in practice within PAMM field the opportunity of being the Company regional representative (establish individual business) operation provisioning via convenient remote back office by following the manual on work with Consultant’s profile in the Consulting system.

It is also worth mentioning that such consulting product is not a forced option. In case you are ready to act as Consultant, be ready to pay back 5% obtained profits to the Company after each investment package closure. At present moment the Rating of Investment Advisors containing the selection of all Company Clients acting as Consultants is available. Searching for the appropriate consultant, you may use such filters: selection by last name in the alphabetic order by consulting start date by number of investors by total investors’ capital by number of closed PAMM packages by efficiency

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Outlooks of the Investment Advise service

Even on the testing stage of this innovative product some notes of indignation were felt among conference participants. In particular, most attendants being against the service denied the necessity of attracting mediators on the trading platform. One way or another, the introduction of this option meant the automatic interest growth to Fx-Trend among users. That’s why organizers decided to implement the idea and the practice showed they had shown the right direction again. I think, pleasant surprises from Company direction do not end on it. And now all people will try the efficiency of already integrated services, including the investment consultancy offer.

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